Rainy Days

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Its raining where I'm at so I decided to write this Imagine but if you want a imagine,request mofos!

You had nothing to do so you call your boyfriend Justin who is in the studio.

"Hey baby"


"What's wrong?"

"I'm bored,I miss you,and its raining."

"Awe babe,I have one more song and I will at home to cuddle babe"

"Sing fast okay?"

"*laughs*fine babe.I love you"

"I love you too"

Then minutes later,Justin gets home,takes off his jacket and shoes and runs to you and hugs you tight.

"Ready to cuddle babe"


"Lets go."

You two got candy and popcorn and and cuddled together.


Mofos,Justin is the reason why im single...

My heart belongs to Justin💛

-Mother Mofo🎀

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