For Zakeyah

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You were having a sleepover with the boys. You were currently playing truth or dare and it was Ryan's turn to be asked. “Truth or dare?” Fredo asked with a wicked smirk “Dare!” Ryan said confidently, he was never one to turn down a dare. “Okay, um, I dare you to.... make all of us a snack of our choice” “psh easy!” Ryan exclaimed “I’m not done. You have to make all of us a snack of our choice while wearing this” Freso said holding up a very small pink apron. “And only this” Fredo said wiggling his eyebrows “Fine!” he said. While everyone stood watching Ryan make food, Ryan kept you distracted while the boys mumbled something behind you, you didn’t bother to listen though. “When are you going to tell her?” Chaz asked Justin “I’m not, she doesn’t like me like that” Justin sighed “She so does!” Chris scoffed “I’m not telling her and neither are you lot!” Justin warned sternly “It could ruin our friendship and if I can’t be with her I at least want to be her friend” Justin sighed “Alright” Freso said sending a knowing smirk to Chaz and Chris which Justin seemed to miss. After eating your snacks you made your way back to the living room and this time it was Chris’ turn to be asked. “Chris, truth or dare?” Ryan asked having been filled in on the plan by Fredo. “Dare please” Chris smiled “I dare you to kiss (Y/N)” He smirked, your eyes widened and Justin glared at Ryan “What?” you exclaimed “Can he not kiss Chaz or something, it’s not fair I’m the only girl!” you giggled “Awww do you not want to kiss me? What’s wrong with me?” Chris asked making a puppy dog face to die for. “Awww Chris, it’s not that, urgh fine! Only because you did the puppy dog face” you giggled making your way to Chris. You sat down opposite him and placed your lips on his. You had intended it to be a quick peck but he grabbed your face and held you there for longer. “Enough!” Justin yelled looking almost... upset. You pulled away from Chris and stood up to walk back to your place as Chris slapped your ass. You turned and gave him a playful glare and proceeded to sit down in your original space again. “Justin, truth or dare?” Chris asked him with a smirk. “Truth” Justin sighed “Who do you fancy?” Chris asked “Dare, I said dare!” Justin said with a blush “Okay I dare you to tell us who you fancy!” Chris said. Damn he should have seen that one coming “fine” he sighed. He closed his eyes really tight and took in a deep gust of air “(Y/N)” he said quite quietly “me?” you asked “yes” Justin sighed opening his eyes slowly to gauge your reaction “I get it if you don’t feel the same and I don’t want this to affect our friendship and-“ you cut him off with a kiss “Oh” he smiled “I like you too” you smiled and kissed him again, earning whoops and hollers from the other lads “Get some!” Ryan laughed. That night you fell asleep with a smile thinking about your new boyfriend.


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