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You and Justin were friends and you two go on a "date" at the park

"Hey (@Biebers_World)Wanna go to the park with me?"Your best friend,Justin said coming downstairs.You moved in cause your parents were annoying you.You agreed and changed in some different clothes and you two walked down to the park.You watched the little kids scream and jump around as even cry.

You two grab a blanket and sit down and grab the sandwiches and chips and soda and start eating and you notice him staring into your eyes.You bit into your sandwich slowly and he leaned in and whispered in your ear and said you had mayo on your mouth.He got a napkin and wiped your lip and you smiled at him and continued eating...

Justin POV

Such a dumbass.!Should have kissed her idiot...mayo really..there was really nothing there but I didn't want it to be awkward between us..

We got up and packed and then in the parking lot I broke out in a song

"I've been thinking bout you oh no no no

Cause I've been thinking about forever"

I came towards her and she backed up slowly.

"Please,be mine"

Then she smashed her lips on mine and I picked her up and deepen the kiss and she slightly moaned.

"Ewwwww he grabbing her butt mommy"a little girl said pointing at us.I blushed and put (@Biebers_World) and she hid in the car.

"That's love sweety"She said waving at us and they walked off.

I got in the car and she blushed.

I kissed her softly and she smiled."I love you Justin"

"I love you too"I said back at her.

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