A Thousand Years

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Listen to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.It will make sense.


You broke up with your boyfriend,Justin.

He cheated on you.You knew it.

These late night come ins.

The sound of sex in your bedroom knowing its Justin.

He will never be in my life again.

Yeah yeah,I know 'Never Say Never' well I don't give two fucks after what Justin did.

Wanna hear the story?Id be glad to tell you.


You were sick lately and Justin hasn't been calling or texting you on your and when he has,he's been drunk.Calling you Tiffany,Samantha,Crystal and all other names that you knew wasn't you.

You just gave up to know that Justin didn't love you.

You were pretty,Fredo,Pattie,Mama,Scooter...they all have said it..

Your only 5'5,Long (Y/H/C) hair that reached your waist.Beautiful blue orbs that girls and guys die for.You had dimples and skinny and did I mention a huge ass!

You didn't see why Justin didn't love you.

You've been told about your beauty.Fredo even tried to get on you too.

"Babe,You and I know that I could do better than Justin"He said as your back was on a wall and one hand on the wall as the other in his pocket.

"But Fredo,I love Justin"You said softly.

"But Y/n,I wanna be your prince"He said moving closer and pulling his hand out of his pocket and grabbing your hand.

"Fredo,Your cute but I-"You got cut off by Fredo's lips on yours.

It felt so wrong but also so right.

You felt something that you didn't feel with Justin.

Your lips move in sync with his and then his hand moves to your butt making you gasp and his tongue goes in and after a few mins he then breaks the kiss and moves down to your ear.

"Babe,Just dump him and be mine"He whispered making chills on your neck pop and he kissed your neck and then you feel Fredo's hand move away and he pulled away from your face.

"Hey Y/n,Come on cause I have something special to show you"Justin said startling you and you pulled away from Fredo and grabbed Justin's hand.He squeezed it hard and you winced in pain and told you to get in the car.The car ride home was quiet but you could tell he was mad.

The way his free hand was in a ball,his jaw clenched,the speed he was going.

Then you saw it.

A red thong,a broken condom and a bottle of very strong liquor.

You didn't say nothing til you got home and when he got out first,you out the stuff in your bag.

Then you got out to see Justin already in the house.

You walked up the stone steps and enter the hell hole.You walked in to feel heat on your face.Your left cheek to be exact.

You held your face in tears and pain.

You saw Justin standing over you.

"You kissed him didn't you?"He said in a low stern voice.

Before you answered him,he stroked at your face again making you pissed.

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