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Your Prego W/his baby but He's GAY!!!!

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Your POV

You and Justin have a baby on the way,and he's been home late at night for a few days.

"Babe,Are you cheating?"

"Y/n,We need to talk..."He said leading you to the couch.

"Y/n,I'm gay but I wanna be the father of this child and be there for the baby."He said.

You smiled big and he looked at you weird and you hugged him.

"I always wanted a gay best friend,well boyfriend is still okay I guess.But we've been together for a year now."You said.

"That's why I was thinking why don't I be bisexual and we still be together but I'm there got Niall too."He said.

"Woah..Your dating Niall!Awwww!"

He smiled and kissed you.

"Thanks for understanding."

Then One day Justin has a interview with One Direction.

Title: Dressing Room

Pairing: Nustin (Justin Bieber/Niall Horan)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: gay sex, sexual content, swearing


I don't know who's bright idea it was to interview Justin Bieber and One Direction at the same time, but Niall isn't enjoying it as much as he should be. Instead of engaging himself in the questions, the blonde is fidgeting and squirming under the camera lights, attempting to hide the boner he's been sporting the second Justin walked out on stage. Right now, he's sitting next to Harry, leaning forward on another couch that's always too small for the 5, this time 6 boys, trying to ignore the urge to stare at the boy on the other side of him, their legs pressed together as the pretty female interviewer asks questions they've all heard a million times. (I.e., how was One Direction formed? Where were you discovered, Justin?) Niall's perfectly content with zoning out until the interviewer turns her attention to him.

"So, Niall, I've heard you have a bit of a man-crush on a certain Mr. Bieber?" Niall tries to hide his blush, but it's almost impossible, considering how pale the Irishman is. Harry and Zayn try to hold back their snickering, while Louis and Liam can't stop smiling. Niall looks up at the brunette interviewer, the second Justin wraps his arm around Niall's shoulder. The stage crowd erupts in awwws, and that only makes Niall blush harder. This interview seriously couldn't go by any slower.


When the interview finally ends, Niall's the first one off set. Even though all the boys were sent to their dressing rooms to prepare for individual interviews, the One Direction boys by themselves, and Justin by himself, Niall was still grateful the worst of it was over. Niall's sure that if Justin licked his lips one more time, the blonde would've jumped the Canadian right there. After speed walking down the long hallway to his very own dressing room, Niall finally shuts himself in his space. After leaning against the door attempting to catch his breath while pushing forbidden thoughts of the younger boy out of his mind, Niall knows he can't do the next interview like this, all worked up. He knows he has to relax, but he doesn't know how. Eventually, he lets a hand travel down his body, palming the bulge in his trousers. A shaky breath makes its way out of his mouth, his body slightly trembling at the sudden, light contact. Niall slowly opens his eyes, his bright blue irises peeking out behind closed lids as he takes in his surroundings, immediately noticing a bathroom on the other side of the space. He can't get over there fast enough, nearly tripping over his own two feet as he slips inside the extra room, not even bothering to close the door all the way. He slides his hand in his pants without hesitation, leaning against the wall as he takes himself in his hand, stroking up and down. The pressure released is euphoric, and another shaky moan makes it's way out of Niall's parted lips. Before the blonde can stop himself, he's pumping his hand faster, his moans becoming a name, and a few moments later he comes with a loud groan and a shout of Justin's name, repeated with many swears attached. Niall didn't notice when Justin came in, he didn't notice that the boy was standing a few feet away, didn't notice the smirk on the brunette's face, until Justin's voice rang out, surprisingly loud in the small space.

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