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Justin invites you over to his house for a weekend. He says he has the place all to himself, he wants you to chill with him, Ryan and Chaz, and he wants some alone time with you. He grabs you by your hands as he asks you and says "please babe?" he looks into your eyes and you just can't say no to him. You lean foward, give him a kiss and say "anything to spend sometime with you." He smiles at you and kisses you back. The weekend arrives and you're at Justin's house. You guys are all alone, just sitting watching a movie cuddled up to each other with Justin's arm around your shoulder. Justin's hand starts to creep around. You stop his hand a few time and he just laughs. His hand starts creeping again down your right shoulder down to your right tit.. You don't notice Justin's hand, when suddenly you feel him squeeze your tit. You gasp laughing and Justin then climbs on top of you, you squeal. He lays you on your back on the couch and placing your arms above your head holding them with his hand Justin has his body on top of you holding you down.

You giggle and say "Justin, stop it. Let me go." Justin laughs back and says "Make me.." He starts kissing your neck as he holds you down. Its turning you on. You let out little moans as Justin starts loosening his grip around your wrists. You moan through "Justin... Stop.." Justin says "you don't want me too though.." he continues to kiss your neck when his hand starts unbuttoning your pjs and he manages to get them down enough to make your panties visable. You whisper through your moans "Justin, aren't Ryan a-and Chaz... suppose to come.. over? They'll catch us.." he replies "don't worry about it, they won't." he moves over to your lips and starts to passionately kiss you, sliding his tongue in. As he kisses you he slide his hand up your T shirt, Justin notices you're not wearing a bra. He starts massaging your breast under, pinching your nipple as his tongue explores your mouth. he breaks the kiss, looks at you with a smirk, licks his lips and you can feel the cold touch of his fingertips as they move up your stomach lifting your shirt up. You feel a cold sensation chill hit your breast as Justin lifts your shirt over them. Suddenly you feel his tongue.

It swirl around your left nipple as Justin starts to nibble on it while massaging the other with his hand. Your hand moves to his head and starts curessing his hair as he licks and sucks on your nipples. As Justin continues to do so, one of his hands start moving down your stomach. "Justin...." you moanfully whisper. "Shhhh.." Justin hushes you. You let out a sigh as your head tilts back in pleasure. Justin feels that you're wet through your panties. He spreads your legs apart under him with his knees as he starts massaging you through your panties. You start moaning his name more, encouraging him to keep going as he still continues to nibble on your nipples at the same time. He starts rubbing you faster your breath starts increasing when suddenly you hear the door bell ring It scares you so much that you jump up kicking Justin off of you making him fall of the couch, on the floor on his back. (LOL) You gasp as you realize Justin's on the floor grunting cause he fell, "oh my gosh, baby are you ok?" you ask Justin. "ughh.. I don't know you like it so rough." Justin laughs through a grunt as he gets up. You laugh quietly and whisper "baby I'm sorry... Someone's at the door.." and you both hear a knock on the door and hear "BIEBER. OPEN THE DOOR." Justin gets up, slides his boxers back up and you lift your pj's back up and fix your shirt sitting up on the couch as Justin gives you a kiss and says "Damn it.. I'm gonna kill them." you just laugh and say "we'll continue later.." Justin jumps back at you and slides his tongue in your mouth as you both then hear pounding on the door.

"you break my door you paying fo it." Justin says as he goes to open it. "finally man, the hell took you so lo-..." Ryan stops and sees you sitting on the couch Ohhhhhh... So you were 'cumming'.." Chaz says to Justin as he turns around and elbows him. Ryan bursts into laughter and says "So... Were you guys looking for change on the couch?" You laugh hiding your face in embaressment. Justin says "man stfu and close the door behind you.." "Calm it down.. We're just kidding" says Chaz as he pats down Justin on the shoulder, Ryan goes to sit next to you and says "yeahh man don't take it too hard, It's a joke *pause*... Not a dick." Ryan says to you with a smirk. Chaz lets out a LOUD laugh, you laugh in embaressement and say "I have to go change.." "your panties?" says Chaz. Ryan snickers, as you just get up laughing and walk towards Justin and see he's laughing too. You give him a kiss as you head up the stairs. You just hear Chaz and Ryan laughing their asses off and Justin laughing telling them to shut up. You're changing as you hear a knock on the door. You open it. It's Ryan.

Ryan looks at you from head to toe as you're just wearing a long shirt that goes down to your knees and panties and a bra under. "what do you want Ryan?" you say in humor of what happened earlier. "oh. So rude. I just came to look for a shirt to borrow from Justin." replies Ryan. You: "didn't you bring your own stuff for the weekend? Ryan: "yeah... But not a sleeveless shirt." You: "fine..". You let Ryan in Justin's room and let him look for a shirt as you unpack your stuff. "Soo... what were you and Justin doing before me and Chaz showed up?.." Ryan says with a smirk. "just watching a movie" you say ignoring his comments. "What movie? Friends with benefits..?" Ryan says laughing. You turn around to look at Ryan with a wtf face, as you do, he's shirtless... You just stare at him. Ryan: "So... I'll take that as a yes?" You: "yes what?" . "That you and Justin were watching Friends with Benifits.. Do you like the movie?" Ryan says walking towards you. "do I like what movie?" you reply feeling a bit uncomfortable as Ryan gets closer to you

‎"Do you like the movie Friends with Benifits.. everything ok?" Ryan says as he backs you up to a drawer and places his hand on your arm feeling his way up. "Ryan.. don't." you suddenly say. Ryan: "Don't what?.." You: "just put your shirt on and go catch up with Chaz and Justin at the basketball court." Ryan: "They can play one on one for a while, you and me can play one on one too." You: "Ryan, stop Justin can come in and he's not gonna like what he sees.. Just don't.." Ryan: "the basketball court is on the other side of the house though, and besides... The door is locked." You turn to the side to see if the door is locked, when suddenly Ryan grabs you by the waist pulling your body closer to his shirtless body, and he kisses you. You squirm in his arms as he starts to slide his tongue into your mouth. You try to get him off of you, but then you stop squirming. You start kissing him back. Ryan notices. His hands start wandering your body as you start moaning in his mouth

Ryan breaks the kiss and starts kissing down your neck. He lifts your shirt above your leg as he moves his hand up your thigh lifting your leg over his hip. "ugh.. Ryan." You moan as he lifts you wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands move up your shirt massaging your breast as he sits you on the edge of the drawer. You feel him poking your thigh as he gets hard. Ryan slides your panties off dropping them behind him as he lifts your legs up to get them off. He starts kissing the inside of your thigh leaving a trail of saliva behind. You can feel his breath on getting closer and closer. you stop him and bring his face up to yours and start making out with him. He moves his fingers down to your vag and slides two finger in at once you break the kiss in a gasp. Ryan smirks at you as he pulls his fingers in further you and pulls out quickly. Your whole body enters a state of ecstasy. Ryan keeps finger fucking you and then pulls his fingers out of you as you catch your breath. He licks his fingers As he goes to slide them back into you, you stop him. And go back to kissing him he starts grinding himself against you, making you more wet. You feel hes hard, he lowers his shorts enough to pulls his cock out. He spreads your legs as he kisses you, you feel him about to penetrate yoy but then you stop him. Ryan: "what? Whats wrong?" "Condom.." you say out of breath. "do you have a condom?" Ryan sighs and says "come on.. I'll pull out before." "No.." you say. Ryan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom. You open it up place it on his tip and roll it down. You jerk him off a bit, he grunts tilting his head back. He sits you back up on the drawer, both of you are panting. He looks at you and says "You ready...?" you just clothes your eyes tilt your head back as he grabs his cock and places it on your clit. He starts rubbing it against your clit, you start grinding against him wanting more. Ryan then grabs you by your hip with one and hand and with the other he guides his cock into your vag

He rams himself into you at once making you scream. He starts thrusting himself in and out of you slaming you against the drawer keeping a steady pace. You start digging your nails into his back as he goes faster. He starts grunting in your ear sweating as your bodies rub against each other. You start moaning and moaning louder Ryans going in you deeper. You start moaning him to go faster, your tilting your head back in pleasure. "ugh. faster... faster.. Go faster Justin..." Ryan slows down.. you're out of breath and Ryan says "Did you just say Justin...?" you snap out of it. You push Ryan off of you. Ryan's confused. "Whats wrong?" he says to you. "everything..." you say to him. You: "Get out Ryan." Ryan: "Come on.. No ones gonna kno-" You: "GET OUT." You throw Ryan his shirt and push him out the room and lock the door. Ryan's on the other side of the door asking you whats wrong and you just break down. What have you done? Did you really just do that to Justin? Ryan: "Come on.. Babe.. Open the door." You: "Ryan go away." Ryan: "But.." You: "Leave!" You run to the bathroom, turn the shower on and hop in. You slide down sitting on the shower floor with your knees to your chest in disbelief. Ryan walks away from the door. You spend a half hour in the shower before coming out. You come out of the shower wrapped in a towel and find Justin in the room...

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