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You just got home from your job Starbucks,when suddenly you get a text from you boyfriend,Justin.

Justin♡:Hey babe,We're going out tomorrow and I'm gonna pick you up at 8 tomorrow so wear something....Beachy!I love you

You smiled and open your door to rose pedals on the floor.Then a sign on the wall saying,

"Follow them babe"

You follow them and they led to upstairs,and to the bedroom.

You see it leads to A huge brown teddy bear,Some chocolates and a real sleeping shiz chu(I think that's how you spell it?)

Then the puppy woke up and saw you and you picked her up and she licked your face and you put her on the floor and she ran to a bed in the corner.

You got sleepy and changed in your pjs.

(You showered btw)and your puppy ran to you tryna get on the bed.You picked her up and she ran on top of you and laid just like that facing her head towards you ad you two slept like that.

------Next Day---------

-----Skips to 7ish------

You got the perfect bikini and you put it on.

You grabbed a shorts over your bikini and grabbed a towel and he came around 8 sharp.

"Ready to g-"He said staring at your boobs.

"Aye,Eyes here,those later"You said reaching up for a kiss.Then he being sneaky pulled one cup of your bikini down showing your exposed breast.You start to pull away when Justin pushes you back and he grabs your breast and then he fixes your bikini.

You hit him on his bare chest and he smiles.

"I Love You too"He said.

Then he took your hand and you two drove down to the beach.

You arrive to see a few couples there but they left when you two arrived.

You grabbed Justin's blanket and you two sat and watched the stars.

"They are beautiful"You said.

"Not like you babe"He said getting on top of you and kissing you with passion.

Then you see a table out and hot pizza sitting there.

Justin took you over there and you two ate your so called "delicious" meal(:

"Babe,?"He said.


He grabbed your hand and took you to the edge of the water

And got on one knee.

"Ooh baby,I think I wanna marry you?"He sung to you.

You couldn't help but cry and said yes.

Your Wedding was March 2,2014 and your honeymoon was in Paris,the city of love.

Which you two made that night and you couldn't walk but you had a beautiful girl that he named Jazmine(:♡


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