s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 142

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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 142


“Where the hell are you, Sydney?” roars Rylee.She’s been calling for the last fifteen minutes.No answer on her cell or on Spencer’s.She’s frantic. It’s too long of a flight to even think of that now.

“Calm down, you know that your vision…,” begins Mario.

“I saw Quinn doing a crash down in the beach house!It was now!I saw the time on the clock in the living room.”Rylee is frantic.“I was peeing and I had a damn vision, don’t tell me what I saw, I know what I saw and it was now.”

“It could have been another day,” says Mario.

“I saw Spencer and Sydney coming out of the bedroom together, it’s NOT another night,” insists Rylee.“It was tonight.”

Her cell phone trills.She answers it.“Mom?”

“Hey, Sydney is going to get you and your dad, we have a sit…”

“Quinn!” says Rylee loudly.“I saw it.Be careful.I don’t know what happened but she did something pretty bad to get here.I think, I’m not sure but she killed someone.”

Emma’s eyes flitter to where Quinn lies prone on the bed.Well, maybe Quinn wasn’t all she was cracked up to be.“Be ready, Sydney is….”

“…..here,” finishes Rylee.She hangs up without another word to her mother as Sydney materializes next to Rylee. She grabs Sydney into a hug and whispers into her ear, “Is Spencer okay?”

“She’s fine, always the dweller of chaos that girl,” says Sydney.“Mr. Scott want to get a shirt on?”

“You girls are always telling me that, I was sleeping, you know,” snorts Mario.He leaves the room and rejoins them in a few moments in jeans and a football jersey.“Ready.”

Another explosion of yellow light and she brings them to the beach house.They arrive to find Tegan and Dylan also there.“How did you get here?” asks Rylee hugging Tegan.

“We own a car,” says Tegan.“It goes really fast.”

“Especially when you are driving,” mutters Dylan.Amy is standing next to him.“Should we get Darci too?I mean, might as well have the collective here.”

Amy nudges him hard and he smiles.

Emma touches Quinn’s foot and gets nothing from her.She looks at Rylee who is with Spencer, being held close.“Rylee?”

“Mom, eternals play havoc on me,” says Rylee.“It always hurts so damn bad.”

“She’s not eternal,” says Jo.She is on the bed next to Quinn, pushing her hair back from her face.“Mom, are you in there?”

Mom, thinks Amy to Emma.

Remember that Jo spent twenty some odd years with Quinn as her mother, thinks Emma back.And this isn’t Susan, in their time she’s good.She uses energy to live, but not like Susan did, she doesn’t inflict pain, only uses what is already happening around her.

Doesn’t matter, I’m not sure I trust her, thinks Amy.

“Hey!” says Spencer.“The mind speak?I thought it was against the rules to do that in company?”

“Rules don’t apply to adults,” reminds Amy.She crosses her arms and stares at Quinn, ready at any moment to jump into action.

Spencer snorts.Sydney giggles.“Quit being a hard ass,” whispers Sydney.

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