s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 96

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I'm sort of sad - Sad that everyone thinks that Jo's going to live...................Enjoy the Friday posting!  Read, comment, vote but most of all - enjoy!


             They’ve crashed Sam’s house, finding her home and with Shaun who has had a family emergency.  Sam tells them to hit up the pool and enjoy.

            “Before he could lay claim to anything, he bolted, clipped some cash from Sam and her SUV, but he…”

            “..Left his son,” finished Bev unable to comprehend how someone could leave their child in the hands of someone else.  The thought of leaving Angelica stung Bev, a coldness rose through her heart against Gale.  Aghast that a parent could ever do that to a child, looks over at Nina whose look reflects Bev’s inner turmoil. 

            Jo clears her throat; eyes darting away from Bev’s something inside of her clicking.  Amy casts a look at her, her emerald eyes seeing the change in Jo’s body language, guarded, the mysterious side of Jo emerges, washing over her quickly.  “He must have had his reasons,” says Jo in a lowered husky voice.

            “Reasons?  For leaving his child?” snaps Nina giving Jo a scorching look but the sexy tomboy didn’t see it because she isn’t paying any attention to anyone but herself at the moment.

            “What good reasons could he have?” counters Bev hands on her hips glaring hard at the woman she loves more than she’s ever thought possible.  What has gotten into Jo?  Her whole body is rigid, Bev touches her shoulder but Jo didn’t seem to feel the warm touch.

            Instead of answering, Jo simply shrugs, and looks away guiltily.  The door bell rings, calling everyone’s attention away from the moment.  Lana rushes to the door, seeing the delivery boy from the liquor store, paying him quickly and setting the two boxes aside. 

“Shaun, what are you going to do with him?” asks Camilla a memory of an odd conversation they’d had about kids coming to her mind, about Shaun smiling at the thought of kids.  Kids were a way of making the world brighter, better, harder at the same time, but they gave you hope for the dismal future.

            “I don’t know yet…  I… I don’t want… I just don’t know…,” admits Shaun moving deeper into the house, shuffling over to the kitchen.  Pulling open the fridge for no reason, then letting it swing closed again.  “I know that Gale left him, that’s all I know right now.”

            The party has bled out of everyone, the seriousness of the situation sings into them, centering on Shaun.  “Shaun,” says Sam from the landing.


            “Come say good night to him, he’s tired,” she says softly with the cajoling of a mother and not a girlfriend.  Sam seems to be taking this in stride, but then again, Sam had been a mom before.

            “Yeah,” repeats Shaun thinking her vocabulary has dwindled to virtually nothing.

            Passing each other on the stairs, Shaun stops and kisses Sam quickly, a finger trailing down her cheek.  “He’s all tucked in he just wants to say goodnight, he’s pretty scared.  Just…  ah, be Shaun, ok?”

            “Thanks,” smiles Shaun smiling because Sam had such confidence in her.  Shaun doesn’t t quite know why Sam thinks that she can do this, take care of someone other than herself, but Sam seems to think that Shaun has it in her.

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