s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 73

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            “Some fisherman you are!” snorts Rylee.  “Sydney got more fish!”

            “She’s been camping since she was born!” retorts Spencer.  She casts one last time.  An odd flash catches her eye.  “Do we have enough of six fish?”

            “Yeah,” says Sydney.  She’s at a flat rock, slicing open the last rainbow trout and cleaning it.  “We do have other food.”

            Tegan is on a large rock, sunglasses on her face, sunbathing.  Her shorts are rolled up and the sleeves of her shirt also rolled up and her flat white stomach is exposed.  “Yeah I don’t eat things that I’ve seen killed.”

            Abby snatches a fish from the basket and slaps Tegan’s stomach with it, leaving a silvery scaled trail on her flesh.  Tegan screams murderously.  “ABIGAIL!”

            Abby giggles, drops the fish into the basket and rushes away before Tegan can catch her.  

            “Hey!” yells Sydney.  She closes her eyes as if she is initiating her power.  Then she remembers and she takes off running after them, just in case.

            Rylee laughs at them.  She leans on a large rock and points to the area that she’d seen earlier.  “Spencer, what is over there?”

            Spencer grimaces, narrows her eyes and her gaze settles on the area that Rylee was pointing at.  “Looks like a crevice, maybe a natural cave?  A tunnel by the looks of it.”  She adjusts herself on the rock, and moves to the left.  “Yeah, I’d say tunnel.”

            “I wasn’t sure,” says Rylee.  She jumps to the huge rock that Spencer is on.  She almost loses her balance and Spencer wraps her arm around her waist and keeps her steady.  “Thanks.”

            “Any time,” whispers Spencer.  She looks at Rylee and without thought she kisses her.  Her lips find Rylee’s warm and inviting ones, her tongue flutters past Rylee’s lips and their tongues meet.  When Spencer is jerked almost off the rock.  “Merde!” curses Spencer.  She tugs on the pole, and begins to reel in whatever is at the end of the fishing line. 

            Rylee curses that fish in her mind. 

            What they find at the end of the line isn’t a fish, instead it’s a Columbia hiking boot.  Including a foot.         



            “What do we do?” says Tegan in a panicked tone.  Abby is rummaging in her pack for the satellite phone that is tuned to the Ranger’s station. 

            Spencer has the boot in her hand, the jagged edges of bone and flesh protrude from the top of the boot.  She’s removed her binding bracelet and is examining the foot.  “It’s old.  I’d say a year?  Looks like the flesh was munched away by ice here.”

            “Oh that is so gross!” blurts out Rylee.

            “The Ranger will be here in an hour, I gave him our coordinates and camp site number.  Spencer, what are you doing?”

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