s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 115

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Friday Post - I have a test tomorrow and other things to do - Enjoy!


            Sydney sits up fast, her mind spinning and her stomach fluttering like the first time she’d stood in front of a crowd and played with Spencer.  Her head had been on Abby’s lap, dozing.  “Oh!” she cries out.  Her fingers to her lips, the sweet sensation that ripples through her is like nothing she’s ever felt before. 

             “Oh?” mumbles a slumbering Tegan. 

             “Syd?  What is it, what’s going on?  Are you connecting again?”

             Sydney pulls her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and she starts to shake her head furiously back and forth.  “Goddamn it, Spencer, don’t do it!”

             “Do it? What is going on?  Can you – can you see what is going on?” blares Tegan now wide awake. 

             “Don’t kiss Spencer!” cries out Sydney.


             Daisy sits with Rylee, Tegan and Abby.   They are playing a card game in the recreation room downstairs.  “Man, you two are kicking the dykes’ asses.”

             “Don’t say that,” grumbles Rylee.  “I hate that word.”

             “What, dyke?” asks Daisy.

             “Yes, it’s a derogatory…”

             “Words only have power if you give it to them,” snaps Daisy. 

             “She’s right,” says Tegan.  She pulls two cards from her hand and discards them.  “Two cards.”

             Daisy deals two more cards.

             “It’s like if someone calls me a nigger,” says Abby.  Rylee’s eyes grow wide.  “If I don’t let it bother me, the word has no power.  I let it upset me, well then they, whoever used the term, now has power over me.”

             “Amen sister!” says Daisy, giving Abby a high-five.

             Rylee snorts.  “Well, I don’t like it, and I don’t like the N word either.”

             “You really are going to be a hard hitting journalist, aren’t you?” says Tegan.  “You can’t even say nigger.”

             “Cut that out!” snaps Rylee.  “I want to be an investigative reporter.  I have some natural skills that will lend to that.”

             Tegan nods.  Abby throws a few more M&M’s into the pile to raise.  They continue to play, all the while Rylee wonders what is going on in the dorm room that Spencer doesn’t want her finding out about.


            Sydney runs her thumb over Spencer’s lips.  “That’s not what you want to do,” whispers Spencer.  She pushes Sydney gently towards the door of the kitchen, and towards Sydney’s bed. Not her own or Rylee’s that would be too weird.  Sydney teleports them to the bed and Spencer gasps.  Not having expected that. 

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