Sold to a Wolf Pack ✔ | Saved by a Wolf Pack by MiaMeade
Sold to a Wolf Pack ✔ | Saved by Mia Meade
♥ #1 Werewolf | #1 Paranormal | #1 YoungAdult | #2 Humor | 131,183 words ♥ Sold to a Wolf Pack | completed, edited ♥ Saved by a Wolf Pack | Ongoing, edited ♥ Loved by a...
  • youngadult
  • teenromance
  • fiction
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Painting The BadBoy ✔ by rain9939
Painting The BadBoy ✔by Rain
| completed | Every story needs a main character. Ours is Valencia Morgan, a not-so-perfect girl living in her not-so-perfect, yet satisfying world. And every story nee...
  • hurt
  • drama
  • firstlove
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All That is Gold (Gold Series #1) | ✓ by simonesaidwhat
All That is Gold (Gold Series #1) simone shirazi
Quinn Barton was content with her seat in the social hierarchy at the elite Dupont Prep: not exactly on top, but high enough to get some respect. Too bad Carter Dupont...
  • queen
  • highschool
  • betrayal
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Riptide ✓ by ellekirks
Riptide ✓by elle kirkpatrick
Australia • Surf • Sun • Love • Memories • running down to the riptide / taken away to the darkside ☼ When you're surfing big waves, you're going to get dumped.
  • newadult
  • featured
  • surf
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His Rogue Mate by delicatecalico
His Rogue Mateby Soo Eh
Isabelle Jones a seventeen-year-old teenager who once had everything, a family,friends, a home. She couldn't ask for more, she was the daughter of Tim Jones, Alpha of th...
  • belle
  • werewolf
  • cruelalpha
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Unwillingly, Unprotected Heart | ✔ by AshleighParkers
Unwillingly, Unprotected Heart | ✔by A s h l e i g h
[COMPLETED] Hayden Pierce is the school's bad boy, not to mention the Alpha of the largest, strongest and most feared pack in the U.S, the Triton Kings. So technically...
  • rogue
  • mate
  • trespassing
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Dorm Room 210 by Broken_Dream07
Dorm Room 210by Nicole Kaps
I graze my hand along the grey, written names before I turn back to Noah. "Why were people telling me how lucky I was to share a dorm with you?" Noah smirks le...
  • dormmates
  • romcom
  • teenfiction
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The Cursed Prince by annemarshallofficial
The Cursed Princeby Anne Marshall
"Tell me, fake knight, are you scared of monsters?" As the story goes the kingdom's Prince was a wicked boy, caring for no one but himself. His father, the Kin...
  • cursed
  • murderer
  • characterdevelopment
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Love Me Again by FindingJesse
Love Me Againby FindingJesse
Highest rank: #37 in romance #13 in chicklit ***Updating slowly*** (Previously known as Happy Ever After) Elizabeth Bell can't escape her past...
  • happyending
  • faith
  • youngadult
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Bad Boy's Game by beautifultragedies
Bad Boy's Gameby bree
He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing. He drank alcohol, I drank water. He smirked, I smiled. He didn't love me, I didn't love him. He...
  • goodgirl
  • badboy
  • player
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The Unnoticed Billionaire by LauraEBrown
The Unnoticed Billionaireby Laura Brown
Meet Elena, a hardworking and caring girl who works hard to save her mother who is all Elena has. One night when she is serving as a waitress in one of the most powerful...
  • laurabrown
  • wattys2017
  • rich
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Unbreak me [#Wattys2017] by sophiacarstairs
Unbreak me [#Wattys2017]by Sophia Carstairs
//COMPLETED// "Now, that was not jealousy, was it?" He taunted out loud. "Cocky, aren't you?" I commented snarkily. "I prefer the word confi...
  • nerd
  • teen
  • teenfiction
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Sins Among Royals [✔️] by odemira
Sins Among Royals [✔️]by Mika Ngamoki
Indie was the shy girl no one ever really noticed but when the most powerful man in her world comes to town searching for his mate things change instantly. For Indie its...
  • werewolf
  • queen
  • editing
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Hiding from my Mate (COMPLETED) by alw_13
Hiding from my Mate (COMPLETED)by Lou
When your mate is an Alpha and you're the rogue that causes all the trouble, you can't exactly go up to him and say "How's it going big guy! Even though I've been c...
  • mates
  • love
  • relationship
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Spring Break by yabookprincess
Spring Breakby Desirae Clark
Jessie Samson knew Spring Break was the best chance to see her childhood best friends after they returned from their boarding school. She didn't care that her best frie...
  • goodgirl
  • romance
  • bad-boy
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Childhood Sweethearts ✔️ by LaurenJ22
Childhood Sweethearts ✔️by Lauren Jackson
#1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult | #1 Romance "We all need someone to drive us mad." - The Wombats. He stared arrogantly down at me, a smirk plastered across...
  • bestfriends
  • newadult
  • fights
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Downright Delinquents ✔️ by LaurenJ22
Downright Delinquents ✔️by Lauren Jackson
#1 Action | #1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult | #1 Romance Hayley Larson is the girl everyone wants to be. She is a model, has amazing friends and has the perfect life. A...
  • badboy
  • prison
  • boys
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The Stepfather // Harry Styles by makrosek
The Stepfather // Harry Stylesby makrosek
Aria's parents just announced their divorce and along with that her mother reveals she has a secret lover, who's now Aria's new soon to be stepfather. And now her mother...
  • onedirection
  • romance
  • niallhoran
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The Boy who Broke the Rules by isabelleronin
The Boy who Broke the Rulesby Isabelle Ronin
Stay away from that boy. That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient. The Boy who Broke the Rules. All Rights Reserved. * He was the mysterious lone...
  • secret
  • sexy
  • drama
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Roses for Rachel by Shelby_Painter
Roses for Rachelby Shelby V Painter
I was sure the worst thing to ever happen to me would be being kidnapped, and sure, that was pretty bad. However, what was worse was being kidnapped, held captive for y...
  • bloodthirsty
  • vampire
  • princecharming
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