s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 52 - s3 - Finale

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Think of these stories as a series and this is the season finale, okay?  I expect comments - I expect thoughts - I will answer them all as best as I can w/o revealing what will transpire in the upcoming stars (fear not, 4 is finished, 5 is finished and pt 6 is well into the 80 written pages)


            “What do we do?” asks Natalie.


            Mom, I can’t find them!  Abby is making a new passage and I can’t….

            Slow down.  Sydney can port right to them, but she has to calm down, take your time.  If you go off the clutch you’ll pop it and stall.  Easy and you’ll be in gear.

            Christ on a crutch, Mom!

            I got them, breaks in Sydney. 


            “It’s not good.”

            “Get us there!” orders Spencer.

            They materialize and Spencer feels the jolt again.  The rocking of the world stops and she is facing an army of those things, those dead cold things that came from the water.  No stone.  Nothing but this.  It was a rouse.

            “I can take care of this,” says Sydney.

            Spencer looks around, there are twenty of Susan’s cold ones surrounding them.  “You can’t.”

            “I can, go find Rylee and the others, get them out of here,” begs Sydney.  Her power bristle around her, she grabs Spencer’s hand and pulls her close.  “Save them.”

            “What if I can’t?” asks Spencer. 

            “No such word as can’t,” says Sydney.  “Go!”

            Spencer doesn’t look back.  Sydney is right, all that can hold her back is thought.  She has to make sure Rylee is okay, and Tegan.   It is the sole thought on Spencer’s mind as she hears Sydney begin to hopscotch around the cave, popping the remainder of the things out there to some far of region of space, or better yet, the sun. 

            Spencer runs.  The dark rock walls are a blur as each step brings her closer to the one person who has hurt her most in life – but she is also the one person who Spencer truly lives for.  That’s what Rylee never understood.  That Spencer lives for her. 

            The dead calm of the inner cavern that Abby has created stops her cold.  Abby, her hands blood covered and shaking is crouched next to Rylee. 

            Rylee’s chest doesn’t rise or fall.

            She is motionless. 

            A warm hand feels for Spencer’s – it is Tegan.

            “We tried…”

            “We couldn’t…,” begins Abby.

            “Abby – go help Syd,” orders Spencer.

            The flicker in Spencer’s eyes makes Abby hesitate.  “No.”

            “Go,” barks Spencer.  “We need to get out of this cave now go!”

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