s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 171

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I had time before class, so here is Friday's Chapter! I am going to try and post the beginning of Off The Grid this weekend, give everyone a taste of what is to come.  Rock on, Dot Com!

s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 171


 Jo knocks on the door; it’s 7 in the morning.  It’s the address that Emma had texted her a few minutes ago and it’s the time that Kaiser had asked for Jo to get there, he was an early bird apparently.  Spencer was down the street at a small café, having breakfast.   

"Hello?" Kaiser says as he opens the door.  He eyes Jo from head to toe and his face shifts. He’s never met Jo; he’s seen her several times but having her standing here, now, is different than he would have thought.  But, things have changed for him; things have changed oh so vastly.

"Hello, FBI Agent Jo Wheaton, we have an appointment today,” says Jo, her voice formal losing the taint of her Acadian accent. 

"I’m very glad you could come, Agent Wheaton,” says Kaiser.  “Please, come in.”

Jo looks him over, he’s young.  For some reason he appears very young, and he should be Sean’s age.  Her mind shifts into a new gear.  Maybe this isn’t Kaiser Valliencourt.  But the voice is right; the voice from the phone call, Jo scratches her ear trying to put two and two together.

"Sure, that would be fine,” says Jo absently.  She turns and closes the door on the bright sunlight, stepping into the darkness of the house. 

"Please, come with me,” says Kaiser, his gaze shifts to the stairs and he takes a deep breath, hoping that Sydney is still unconscious.  It pained him to knock her out, but her reaction had been less than accepting.  His heart aches for the woman who seems to have touched his soul, touched his heart, something he had long thought had grown cold, had ceased to beat.  But it’s beating now, hard, almost roughly in his chest. 

They are in the kitchen and he places the kettle on the burner.  “I have been following this killer for some time.  Of course from the internet and newspapers and I reached out to some friends of mine Agent Wheaton.”

"Jo is fine, we are investigating those serial killings and we’ve come up dead in the water.  But he seems to have stopped, I think something has changed.”

“Changed how?” asks Kaiser.  His dark blonde hair tussled.  Yes, she’s right something has changed.  He has changed but there is no way to make Jo Wheaton believe that, is there?

Kaiser readies the cups and the tea bags.  Selecting one for Jo and one for himself. 

“I don’t know, what could make a career serial killer stop killing?”

Jo feels the odd trickle that she and Emma have always joked is her spider sense.  She reaches out and tries to touch Kaiser’s mind but she can’t.  This happens every so often.  But now she knows to tread carefully.  If Kaiser is a talent it would make sense, maybe this is why he’d once been so successful of a profiler – he could read minds?  Or he was empathic?

Kaiser leans against his counter and looks meaningfully at her.  “Is he dead?”

Jo’s lips quirk into a smile. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I hadn’t either, but you said he’s stopped, and that would be a reason that he has ceased to kill.  He is a remarkable killer, always picking certain types of couples; mostly homosexual.  His pathos was interesting, never killing at the same time of day, of week, or of year.”

He turns to the now whistling kettle and pours the heated water into the cups.  “Sugar?”

“Non,” says Jo with a quick shake of her head.  “The couples were and are our only lead, there has to be a pattern, but we can’t seem to put our fingers on it.  I’m almost there most of the time I see patterns in the killings but it’s not giving me a direction.  Well it is, but it’s a very broad direction.  Thanks.”

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