s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 94

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            Evening slowly draws to a close on the day, the points are tallied and it is, once again, Team Pink against Team Grey.  Everyone is pumped up and ready for the last event, jabbering and having a blast teasing the other team, goading each other.

            “Paint ball?” asks Tegan.  “That’s not fair, they have Barrio chick over there that looks like she was born with a piece in her hand, and Emma.  I mean, hello, she’s a G-man!”

            “You’re talking in exclamation marks now,” says Rylee sweetly.  Everyone always tells her that she speaks in exclamation; it is something she is working on.  But Rylee’s zest for life is something that everyone admires about her.

            “Can we go to Abandon now?” laments Sydney giving her mom a sweet smile from across the venue; the ref’s are explaining the rules.  Get hit, you are out, the objective is to capture the flag of the other team, last man, or in this case, last woman, standing, or who procures the flag, is the winner and that team is crowned the winner of the overall event. 

            Jo, Mike,  and Darci are in the stands, cheering madly as they take their places on the course, armed with pink and grey paint pellets, all looking like rejects from a painters canvas because a few of them had already pelted each other with paint balls for the fun of it.  Alysse is talking with Camilla, huddled, hiding from the other team.  Alysse keeps peeking up at the other team, then nodding feverously.  Jo watches in rapt attention, thinking that Alysse has an ace up her sleeve.

            Then, as the ref tells them to have at it, Alysse lets out a primal scream, rushing into the center of the piles of hay and small obstacles, shooting wildly, hitting nothing but air and a few spectators, getting hit in the chest by Harley, Lana and Sydney.  Jo gives Mike a soft elbow, seeing Bev scrambling to a safe position, Jo seeing the flag and chuckling, recognizing it immediately. 

            “Bye Al!” calls Rosita from her place, sending a wave of laughter through the crowd.  Alysse moves to the stands, still holding her gun, splattered with paint, Jo tapped her shoulder.

            “What is that all about?” asks Jo with a wide grin.

            “Strategy,” says Alysse with confidence, “Just strategy.”

            Jo slaps her forehead, laughing and taking the gun away from Alysse, not sure she trusts Alysse with a weapon, even if it is one filled with paint.  Thinking she could take a few pot shots at the girls who are scrambling around on the field below, and then thinks better of it. 

            Next out is Helen, who had managed to yawn and stretch while Spencer snuck up on her.  Amy is out next, taken out by her own daughter, Tegan, who laughs like a loon, and gets pelted in the chest by Emma.

            Rylee stealthily maneuvers behind Harley and Nina and shoots them both in the ass, then gets shot by Joss.  But before Joss can celebrate, Becca bombards her with a rain of grey paint balls.  Then, as Shelby rounds a bale of hay, she and Becca are face to face, both squeezing off shots at one another, each getting the other, both out and laughing.  Sydney targets Abby as she moves from one place to the other trying to get to a place where she might capture the flag.

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