s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 160

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LONG section - read - carefully ;) - If you are a speed reader, read twice! 

s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 160



“Oh god,” says Bev, taking in a sharp breath at the sight of Jo, who has just arrived at the kidnapping scene, the airport.  Jo is dressed in her PI gear, as Bev had called it when they’d been dating, something that allows her to blend into the crowd, her hair combed down and into her eyes under the dark baseball cap.  She leans in and talks to Emma and then Emma walks quickly towards them.  Emma nods a hello, and Paige comes over to them, tears stain her cheeks, worried about Jarrod. 

“We’ve got an APB out on the SUV, and we’re going to start a search grid.  They have a description of what they were wearing, and we have every hope in the world that we’ll find them,” says Emma in a stiff tone.  Tossing a look at Jo, who hangs back, obviously still uncomfortable around Bev.

“Is it true that the longer they remain missing, the statistics go down to whether or not we find them?” asks Paige, her breath hitching.

“Yes,” says Jo from behind Emma, her voice is cool and crisp, making the fine hairs on Bev’s neck stand at attention.  “But we’ll find them, I promise.” Bev looks away from Jo; unable to look at her, why is she there?  What in the world is Jo doing here?

“I’m here because this is Angelica and Jaxon, don’t read into it,” snaps Jo.  “Spencer thinks of her as a little sister, whatever differences you and I have are irrelevant.  Your best bet is to go home and wait.”

“I know who it is,” says Shaun, pushing her way towards Nina and Bev, her head bandaged, Lana walking with her.  Obviously Lana had been trying to restrain her from going anywhere but the hospital, but Shaun is a very persistent woman.  She’d been hit in the head rather hard by the kidnapper, and being pregnant and a head injury were two things that didn’t always go well together.

“The EMT told you to stay put,” chides Lana, wanting to get a cab and get Shaun home to wait, but Shaun had seen Jo and Emma and she knows that they are the ones that need this information.

“It’s my dad,” says Shaun hotly.  “I think it is I heard him say something to Jaxon before he got in the truck, what is he doing back here?”

“Money,” says Jo quickly, her mind working on a strategy now, if Gale wants money, he’d be making contact.  “That’s the only thing that’s changed, Shaun you need to get home, he’ll call.  I’m sure of it.  And we’ll start looking.”

“What do we do?  He’s got Angelica,” states Nina, the tears finally falling from her eyes, wanting to be strong, but this is too much.  This is her child, that one that she’d always desperately wanted and no one is going to take that away from her. 

“Go home; get to your houses, quick.  He might contact all of you, but let us do what we do best,” stated Emma turning to walk away.  Emma always finds it hard to deal with families; the facts and crime scenes are always easier.

“Thank you,” says Bev, not to Emma, but to Jo.  It meant a lot to Bev that Jo is here; mainly that Jo might not hate Bev as much as she’d led her to believe.  The sight of her also reminds Bev that Jo is never going to forgive her, or love her in that way again, because, to Jo, Bev’s betrayal had cut far too deep to ever heal.

Jo nods, turning the hat and pulling it down, there is a glint in her eye that Bev had never seen before.  “I’m sending Spencer to your place, Nina; go there, I have a plan.”

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