s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 83

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            Darci wheels around and hugs Amy hard.  She is sobbing and Amy simply holds her.  They are in the entry hall, with its checker board black and white tiles, a sea of endlessness under their feet.  Robert comes over and leads them to a small room away from any prying eyes. 

            Amy can’t get over how much he looks like Jon Wheaton.  She sits Darci in a chair and kneels in front of her.  She wipes away the tears from Darci’s dark cheeks.  “Dee, what is it?”

            Her breath is hitched.  “When I helped Jo, when we, when I got rid of the DNA in Jo’s body a while back, I…”

            “Dee, what is it?  It’s not that bad, come on.”

            “I cured her.”

            “I know she’s not all vampire, whatever, anymore.”

            “I wiped out anything that wasn’t human,” says Darci.  “Anything that wasn’t her original DNA, do you understand what I’m telling you?”

            Amy’s eyes widen.  She turns on her knees and collapses on the cool marble floor.  Her mouth works on words that refuse to come.  What Darci is telling her bullets into her brain, making her a mush of emotions.  Amy wants to get up and take fate right by the balls and kill her, but damn it, there is no changing it, is there?




            After explaining that Jon’s double, a giant by the name of Robert came to them through a rip in time that Susan had made testing her theory of time skipping, which is what Leah calls moving from one reality to another, they settle into the second course.  Leah tells them about different eternals, and how they had hunted the soulless to almost extinction. 

            Amy and Darci come back into the room, Emma tries to figure out what is going on, but she can’t.  She has no visions when she places her hand randomly on objects.  She is tempted to ask Rylee, but at the moment, Rylee is engrossed in what Leah is saying, so much so that she hasn’t touched her soup. 

            “So our powers were destine?” asks Rylee.  She meets Abby’s eyes and Abby winks. 

            “Yes,” says Leah.

            “How did Jayden come to find out about this place but the rest of us were left in the dark?” asks Natalie.

            “I’m sitting here, you can ask me.  I told you, Dathan told me about it.  I was being chased by a man named Corvus.  Jo had missed her opportunity to get him and he was after Amy at the time.  He wanted her power.  He could steal powers.  Permanently.  He had me, dead to right, and right when I was about to get killed, that’s how he absorbs your powers, a tunnel opened up under me and I was spit up in the cellar.  Dathan had instructed Hue and his mate to watch over me,” says Jayden.  “Lucky for me.  I didn’t stay long, about twenty minute,” she laughs.  “Then I went after Corvus before he got to Amy.  I’ve come back a few times to relax, recharge, like Leah does.”

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