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s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 66

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So this is how I choose to end the weekend........ sound OFF! :)


Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Strewn across the gleaming glass tabletop

Shattered shards of my disturbed life

Glimmering ominously in the pale moonlight

Nothing I’ve ever done has counted beyond this

Just moments in time, that never amounted up to anything

I wanted one moment of bliss

Instead, I have a life incomplete

Frantic fingers scramble to put them together again

Edges frayed beyond mortal repair

Shuffling them about, haphazardly

A disheveled picture emerges

Still I see the shadows of you and me

The same dull smile and vague eyes of myself

Staring back at me with longing

For the life I’ve never lived

Torn and disgraced life in tatters

Dreams destroyed burned beyond recognition

Past nullified, leaving an empty abyss

Future uncharted alien stars on the horizon

An empty soul that burns to hold just one moment

That isn’t tarnished or torn

By the spectra of a relationship dark and heavy

Forever haunted by the ghost that walks the halls of my memories

Then a steady hand appears

Just a breath behind me

Long fingers elegant and sure

Scattering the pieces to the floor

Clearing the table of clutter

One swift easy movement as fluid as flowing glass

Wiping the slate clean

Reminding me of all my dreams

You are who you want to be

“Limits are for those without imagination.”

The savoir whispers into my ear

Steady and clear

Filled with the confidence of one wise beyond her years

“Take my hand and dare to be you.”

Fingers easily intertwined as I take her hand into mine

She shows me a future

Of all the dreams I could still have

Filled with eternal promise

Only compromised by my own devices

Brimming with endless possibilities

All waiting out in my own back yard

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