s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 168

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 168



            Rumours, the club, is in high gear, several of the artists in the lineup are now on stage, singing impromptu songs, jamming, and having fun.  Spencer is gone from the stage, but Sydney is still there with Daisy, Sydney on the piano and Daisy on guitar.  Jo and the rest of the parents are milling around the club.  Dathan and Darci were the only ones not there, having opted to stay in Maine at The Legacy and spend time with Trystin. 

Spencer spots Amy talking animatedly with Natalie.  A new sadness is wrapped around Natalie.  And Jayden hadn’t come to the premiere, which rattles Spencer deeply.  All of her attempts to call or text Jayden had fallen on deaf ears, none of them returned. 

            “Shaun!” calls out Spencer from the crowd, waving at Shaun but Spencer isn’t sure she sees her. 

Shaun looks up, she is sitting on a chair with both of her swollen legs propped up, and she is tired.  How could this be; Shaun is at a party and is tired, and Lana is camping it up with the girls, telling tall tales of Shaun’s over the top sexual desires.  Spencer smiles as she approaches hearing Lana talking about an array of sexual toys and Spencer blushes.

            “Who called my name?” Shaun asks Nina.

            “I don’t know,” says Nina, turning in her chair.  She has her hair tied up in a loose ponytail and is wearing a Girls Next Door’ shirt.  Most of them are wearing the same shirts.  Lana has torn the bottom half of hers off, showing plenty of tasty looking flesh, Alysse has disposed of her sleeves and even Bev is wearing one. 

            “Hey!” says Spencer, finally wrestling herself free of the crowd.  “I got a favor to ask,” says the breathless teenager, as she stands in front of Shaun.  “Ladies.”

            “Spencer, when are you going to sing your song?” asks Alysse, having drunk at least half of a bottle of Jack Daniels by herself.

            “Later, but first…  I have something to ask the pregnant woman,” says Spencer, pulling out a straight razor from her back pocket.  “It’s all I could find,” grins Spencer wildly.  “I need a haircut.”

            “Now?” asks Shaun, with an odd smile.  “Seriously?”

            “Yeah, come on, please?” asks Spencer.  “I’d get on my knees but then you might attack me or something.  I heard Lana talking about the you being sex crazed thing, listen  I gotta do this, please, I can’t sing that damn song… and, just… please?  It’s really hard to explain, but it’s something I gotta do.”

            Shaun nods, and Spencer helps her up, leading her to a small office behind the bar.  Pen, the owner of the club, nods a hello and Spencer smiles.

            “What’s the deal?” asks Shaun, as Spencer sits down in the small office chair. 

            “It’s a long story, I just…  I’m kinna shy sometimes, ‘specially in public.  I guess I’m taking a page from Harley’s book, you know, put on a persona, and that personas got short hair,” says Spencer. 

            Shaun bites her lip, not having cut hair in a while, Spencer reaches back, taking her hand, and says, “I trust you.”

            Shaun smiled, “How short?”

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