s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 65

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            Darci slides into the booth and Amy pushes a milkshake over to her.  Darci laughs and takes it.  “Old habits die hard,” smiles Darci.

            “No kidding,” says Amy. 

            “What do you need?” asks Darci.  They are sitting in a 24 hour diner across from the hospital.  The food is fast and good.  They both order burgers and fries and sip on milk shakes.

            “I don’t need anything.  Nothing, not a damn thing.  I want life to get back to normal and I guess that’s also part of why I called you.”

            “Okay,” says Darci.  She leans against the wall and slides her feet up on the bench.  “What do you need?”

            Amy snorts.  “Fine, I’m looking for a job.  I’m resigning this week, no presidential bid, nothing.  Time to get back to living a life.  That was my life with Larkin, now I want the life I always wanted.”

            “A shrink?” says Darci.  “You want the job at the hospital, don’t you?”

            Amy nods.  “Working with patients, I think it would be great.”

            “And keeps you close to Tegan – and Jo.  Haven is just a jump and a skip away.”

            Amy’s jaw bulges.  “That’s not fair.  I need to rebuild my relationship with Tegan, she still runs hot and cold with me.  Yeah, I know Jo will be here running her agency…”

            “No, didn’t Emma call you?  Jo is back with the G-men.”

            Amy grabs her phone, and goes through the list of missed calls and sees the one from Emma and she whispers, “She’s back to being an FBI agent?  Really?”

            “You need to check your Facebook more often,” laughs Darci as the burgers come.  “Jo put it on her page; really, get with the times, Astin.”

            “I don’t have Facebook, pain in the ass,” grumbles Amy.  She bites into the burger and then says, “We’re all in LA.”

            “Save for Shelby.  She’s not coming down off that mountain of hers and her school.  Not that I can blame her, she’s doing great work up there, and someone needs to keep places like that open,” says Darci.

            Amy nods.  She eats the fries, thinking of Jo in her tailored suits and she feels the heat on her cheeks. 

            “I can put in a good word for you about the job.”

            “Thanks,” says Amy.  “I just want to get back to something normal.  Get a place where Tegan might want to spend some time.”

            “Not to mention Spencer,” says Darci.  She raises her eyebrows and Amy relents. 

            “Fine, yes, this is about Spencer too.  I have a daughter, Dee.  Okay, so in a really weird roundabout way but she’s my kid.  I look at her and I totally see my mom sometimes.  I didn’t realize it before, but I do.  I see her.  When she laughs she sounds like me and not Jo.  I can’t get used to the idea and I want to tell her.”

            Darci puts her burger down and sighs.  “I know you do, Amy.  How will that benefit her, right now?  Don’t be selfish about this.”

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