s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 54

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            Mike sits on the steps of the porch next to Shelby and swings a loving arm around her.  “Where did she go this time?” he asks.  Shelby melts into him. 

            “Not sure,” says Shelby.  Her dark blue eyes find his green ones.  “I asked for ice cream.”

            Mike chuckles.  “No chance of her getting caught?”

            “No, seems that her GPS is like Emma’s spiderweb, she knows where to ‘port that no one will see.  I wish mine worked like that,” smiles Shelby.  “I think I was seen a few times.  But she is teleporting much further than I ever did.

            Mike nods.  “Julie Reno changed all the paperwork, and implemented the spell that wiped the memories of everyone that came into contact with the files, and with Syd.”

            “Jesus,” whispers Shelby.  “And she’s cured?”

            “Yes,” nods Mike.  “I don’t know how, but Spencer saved Sydney and Rylee.  The scope of her powers scares me somewhat.”

            “You had a rough go at it, my love.  I am so sorry…”

            Mike silences her with a kiss.  He can taste the tears.  Shelby’s hands find his face and she rubs her fingers across his unshaven cheeks.  “I wish I could turn back time, but then I wonder if that would change things and I give up thinking that way.”

            “Smart woman,” says Mike, kissing her again.  He pulls her into his lap and hugs her.  “It’s working it really, really is working.”

            “Ice cream,” says Sydney.  She then covers her eyes and groans.  “HEY!  PDA!”

            Her parents laugh and Shelby takes the pint of ice cream.  “Where did you go?”

            “Italy,” says Sydney.  “But first I popped in on each of the girls, made sure they were okay.”

            Mike reaches out and takes Sydney’s hand.  “What did they have to say?”

            Sydney looks away.  “I didn’t talk to them, I just – just wanted to make sure they were there.”

            Shelby reaches out to Sydney and pulls her close, kissing her cheek.  “School starts in a few weeks, things will be okay.  The pain of losing her won’t be so bad when you are together again.”

            “I want to talk to you about that,” says Sydney, edging away from her mom and dad.  “I want to go back to the island, as soon as I can.  I emailed Natalie and she said I can go stay there.”

            Shelby looks at Mike and then back at Sydney, the panic in her rises.  “Why?”

            Sydney smiles shyly.  “Because there is this guy?”

            Mike laughs and Shelby groans.  “You hold on right there, because you are healthy doesn’t mean you can revert to whatever you were doing before, do we understand?” says Shelby.  She tucks a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear.  “Syd?”

            “I know that!  I like Danny.  He’s nice and fun but there is another reason too.”

            Shelby cocks an eyebrow.  “What on earth could that be?”

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