s*t*a*r*s - pt 9

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Oh my god!  Look, another chapter!  If anyone has a Kindle and is interested in some of my work, go to Amazon and check out Janet Marie (As of tomorrow there will be 2 novels and 6 short stories there). Tonight, I will be updating my Lulu.Com account which is under Janet Marie also, I will make them available in the digital form, as well as in book form.  Now, onto the stuff you are REALLY here for!


            Spencer was seven years old, running around the playground of her new school.  She remembered skinning her knee badly, and being sent home early, after the school nurse had patched her up.  Her mother, Jo, had picked her up, not a word asked, or said.  They’d walked into the apartment that they’d just settled into and Jo had lost all reason.

            “Did they touch you?  Did they touch your blood, Spencer?  This is important!  Look at me!” her mother had yelled.  Spencer shied away from her mother touch. 

            “No,” cried the young girl.

            “You must never, ever let anyone touch it, never let anyone test your blood.  Never let them, never!” her mother ranted.  Pacing the room like a caged animal, Jo had tugged her long hair into a ponytail and begun to rant again. “You never know, Spencer.  You never know who they might be, or what they might find, or what they will think when they find out what you are.  Are you listening to me?”

            “Yes,” nodded the young girl.  “No one did.”

            “No, not this time, not this time.  You can hurt someone, Spencer.  You understand that?  I don’t know what it would do to someone.  Your blood, it isn’t normal and I don’t know what it would do to someone else, okay, Spencer?” 

            Spencer had nodded, not really understanding, but wanting her mother’s tirade to stop.  Instead, the woman had packed them up, and it is the last time that Spencer had attended school, after that, her mother had schooled her herself. 


            “A rather nasty gash, but Doctor Hathaway has stitched it up rather nicely.  Very quick thinking, Spencer,” offers Natalie smoothly. 

            Spencer says nothing, simply nodding.  Studying her thumb, the cut gone now, her jaw set in anger.  Memories of her mother’s tirade fresh in her mind, is her blood dangerous?  Can  that single drop that may have mixed with Sydney’s make her sick?  Angry at herself for having gotten emotional and gotten caught up in wanting Sydney to be all right.  What if her mother had been right, what if her blood can hurt Sydney?  The worry burns brightly inside of Spencer but she keeps it hidden.

            “You should all go back to the dorm, rest, you can see Sydney in the morning,” orders Natalie.

            “What was that, that happened?” asks Rylee. 

Spencer gives her a hot look, narrowed eyes.  Rylee looked at Spencer, their eyes meet, something unspoken between them.

            “A power surge, I’m sure,” Natalie assures them.  She then settles her gaze on  Spencer who looks like she is about to explode with anger.

            Walking away from the older woman, Spencer gives her a sideways look, whispering just under her breath, so that Natalie can hear, “Kindred.”

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