s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 72

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So we are at 299, but I won't be checking back in until tomorrow, so here is the promised chapter! 


            Rylee dips the pail into the river and pulls it out; she sees the silver of fish under the surface of the water.  She crouches down and watches as a fish, a trout she thinks breaks the surface and then disappears.  Her eyes flitter across to the other side of the river.  It moves quickly here and the banks are carved deep.  Smooth rocks jut out all along the edges.  Rylee squints and thinks she sees a hollowed out area almost like an opening of a tunnel. 

            “Hey,” says Abby bounding down next to Rylee.

            “Crap you scared me,” says Rylee.  “Whatcha doing?”

            “I was looking for you, you’ve been gone a while.  I think they all think you’re sulking.”

            “I’m not.”

            Abby purses her lips.  “Are you sure?  You have to stop harping on stuff, let Spence get over it, or at least, remember it.  Your girlfriend will be fine, give her time.”

            “She’s not my girlfriend,” says Rylee.  She feels the tears threatening and she chokes them away.  “I can’t say that she’s my girlfriend.”

            Abby eases down onto a rock.  She takes in a long breath.  “Rylee?”


            “You love her?”

            Rylee swallows the tears back again and nods.

            “Give her time.  I think she loves you too.  You going to fish for supper?  Let’s go get a few poles and I’ll see if I can haul a trout out of this place, what do you think?”

            Rylee nods.  She picks the pail up and heads up the winding trail behind Abby.



            “I think it’s funny,” laughs Emma.  “No, no, I know it’s funny!”

            “Shut up,” smiles Jayden.  Jayden has been telling them about the number of times she’d been masquerading as someone else and meeting up with someone that knew the person she was impersonating.  “That was the worst, it was they guys ex-wife and he owed her thousands in back child support.”

            “How did you end up being a dead beat dad?” asks Natalie. 

            Soft music was playing and they were all sitting in Natalie’s living room on bean bags, socks were off, bottles of wine were passed around, and there was of course ice cream. 

            “When I’d find my way into someone’s life, like say, Abby’s, I’d pick someone unassuming.  This guy was a janitor at Tegan’s school.  If I make contact with the person I’m copying, I can get a good amount of info from them before I change.  Obviously he wasn’t being honest about who he was,” laughs Jayden.  “And I just kept the face when I traveled.  Getting fake papers is easy.”

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