s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 162

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 162




            Shelby pushes back from the table at Emma’s house.  “Should we be – concerned?” asks Shelby.  She reaches for her glass of wine. 

            Jo shakes her head.  “I don’t know.”  Admitting this is hard for Jo, Spencer was born in another reality, and her body isn’t made for this reality.  Will her daughter need to go back to the alternate reality?  Jo groans softly.

            Quinn looks around the table.  Amy, Jo, Shelby, Mike, Emma, Mario, Darci, Dathan, Sean, Harry and herself.  The adults had come to Emma’s for food, while the girls, Jayden and Natalie had stayed at the Church.  “She will have to learn to limit how much energy she takes in, and to use it as soon as she absorbs it.”

            Amy sips her wine.  “Why did it corrupt Susan?”  Jo shoots her a look.  “Listen, she got that power from somewhere, Jo, and more than likely it’s from Susan slash Quinn here, so we need to know why.”

            Dathan leans on the table; the light of the overhead lamp makes his hair a halo of gold and copper.  “She always wanted more.  Took more.  More power.  Wanted more.”  He pauses and looks at Jo.  “She was relentless.”

            “We know,” says Amy, reaching over and taking Jo’s hand.

            “No more playtime,” says Quinn.  “We need to find Keziah.  We stop his killing and put him down.  If there is less danger, Spencer may feel less of a need to play hero.”

            “So you can leave?” asks Sean. 

            Quinn shoots him a look.  “I’m not discussing this again.”

            Sean nods.  Jo taps Quinn’s hand.  “You can’t go back.”

            “Why can’t she go back?” asks Mario.

            “Slipstream is closed,” says Amy.

            “Natalie could open it again,” says Shelby.  “If Quinn really, really, really wants that.”  Shelby’s lips quirk into a smile.  “We all know you don’t want to leave.”

            Quinn stands. “What I want is irrelevant, what I need to do is find him so that he can’t hurt Jo or Spencer.”  She slams a hand into the table.  “Do you understand the threat he is?”

            Emma whispers, “Yes.”  All eyes turn to her.  “The human race is at stake.  That’s what he’s trying to recreate, the total destruction of the human race that has no talent, no powers, and the thread that doesn’t have enough of Iesous and Judas’ DNA in them to survive.”

            “Then we need to stop him,” says Mario.

            “And it’s time to stop researching and getting out there and finding him,” says Mike. 

            “We start at the last place we knew he was,” says Jo.

            “Here.  In LA,” says Quinn.

            Jo looks at her father, whose lips are drawn in a thin line.  “Let’s go hunting.”


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