s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 13

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            Emma is pacing like a caged tiger as she speaks to Natalie Summers. They had arrived less than an hour before in Hawaii.  The whole plane ride home, Emma had one thought. 

            Jo has a daughter. 

            Rylee had sat, steadfast, tapping her foot the whole time. 

            The moment Emma had stepped foot into the house, she’d called Darci first, then Amy, finally calling Mike and telling them the news.  All had been surprised and angry that Natalie had not told them about Jo’s daughter.

On the line with Natalie are Darci Haim, Mike Doyle, and Amy Astin.  “She.  Has.  A. Daughter!”

            “I realize that I should have told you…,” sighs Natalie, her voice sounding as child like as it had when she’d been thirteen.  Why had Jo made her promise to keep this a secret until the daughters were reunited?  How Natalie sometimes hated how little Jo had trusted her friends.  Yet, Jo had trusted Natalie – more than likely, because Natalie didn’t have a child, her child is, or had been, Spencer.

            Darci growls.  “Told us?  When you knew, the instant you knew.  You should have told us that Jo had a child, a daughter no less, the same age as our girls.  Natalie, she is in Scotland with you… so…”

            “That would have been the day that Spencer is born, I knew the moment she is born because I was there,” says Natalie sadly.

            “Nat, how can that be?  Who is she?  Why don’t..,” begins Mike.  Then the burly man sits down, his legs no longer holding him steadfast.  “Jo couldn’t have children – we all know this, it was why she was distant when everyone was pregnant.  A vampire can’t have children.  It’s an impossibility.”

            “I want her here,” states Emma as if she hasn’t heard what Mike has says, caught up in her own mind and pain.  Emma doesn’t  care how it has happened, but it had happened, Jo Wheaton had a child.

            “No,” says Natalie steadfastly.  Having Spencer leave the island, to leave Natalie’s side, isn’t a blip on Nat’s radar.

            “I don’t fucking care what you want, Natalie, I want her here!” snaps Emma.  “This is Jo’s offspring and I want her here, with family, with her friends, not off at the Kindred Island.”

            Amy is oddly quiet, sitting at her desk at home.  Tegan is blaring music by the pool, sunning herself.  Tears flow from her green eyes.  She doesn’t  trust her voice.  Jo has a baby girl, the same age as her own.  Is this what had finally put the last stake in their relationship?  Had Jo pushed her towards a life with Larkin and Tegan?  This is why Jo had disappeared.  Had Jo known they were better off separated?  All things that Amy needs to know.  It harps at her, drives into her heart.

            “Nat, how?” asks Mike.

            “Alternate reality, I know it sounds outrageous, but that’s what it is.  When you were all brought back, only moments after you’d disappeared during graduation.  You’re souls went to that reality but your bodies stayed here.    Jo remembered parts and pieces because she needed too, being pregnant, she needed to remember.  Jo was pregnant in the reality that Susan sent you all too.  When you came back, when someone broke the spell by killing Susan, Jo brought Spencer back too.  Jo thought that it was prudent to hide Spencer – even though we saw Susan being killed, she might have sent operatives to change this future also, we don’t know.  We didn’t know what would happen if someone out there realized that a vampire had a child. We didn’t know how Jo’s DNA would effect Spencer, or if it would at all.  She came to Jon and me and had Spencer, about a month before Tegan was born.  I raised her, I raised Spencer until Jo couldn’t be away from her anymore.  Amy was getting married...,” says  Natalie.

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