s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 39

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You're lucky I was up :)  (a succubus is someone who sucks energy from someone, their Chi, sound famililuar?)



              Jo spots the tall leggy woman and ambles up to her.  Uncomfortable with Tegan and Sydney tagging along, but she has little choice in the matter. 

            “I tend not to like people of your kind in my establishment,” says Jo.

            The woman turns, golden eyes find Jo’s.  “Oh my, what on earth are you?”

            Jo slips next to the woman.  Sydney had told her it was easier if they were touching.  The succubus eases just out of reach.  “Telling you that would take a long, long time.”

            “I have all the time in the world,” says the woman.  An infectious accent drifts to Jo’s ears. 

            “I don’t,” say Jo.  She snaps her hand out and captures the woman’s hand, in her mind she calls out to Sydney, now.

            A gut wrenching pain wraps around Jo and she lands, not so gently, on the hot sand of Venus Island, along with her energy sucking companion. 


            “Let’s find Abby,” says Tegan. 

            Sydney stands still for a minute.  “That was damn exciting, she just stepped right into danger, she didn’t even think about it.”

            Tegan grimaces.  “Why would she?”

            Sydney slips her hands into her pockets.  “She could die.”

            A bright grin spreads over Tegan’s face.  “She’s Jo Wheaton, I don’t think dying is in her vocabulary.”

            Sydney shrugs.  “I hadn’t thought of that.”

            “About her not dying?” asks Tegan.  “Syd, we’re all going to die.  I just want to be able to live before that happens.”

            “I agree,” whispers Sydney.


            Spencer shoves away from Rylee, her whole body flickers and shifts.  Rylee tries to touch her but she melds right through her.  “Oh god, oh god.  Oh.  God!”  Spencer totters on her legs.

            The room becomes a swirl of energy, and even Rylee feels weak as Spencer falls back and lands on the floor, unconscious.  Rylee scrambles to her, now able to touch her.  “Spencer, Spencer?”

            Silence greets her and Rylee shakes Spencer’s shoulders hard.  Her eyes flicker open but there is nothing to the look, nothing in the gaze. 

            Rylee starts to shake hard.



Alone in her own mind

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