s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 112

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             “Are you sure you want to do this?  Now?” asks Amy as she drives Jo to Bev’s house. Hoping to avoid Bev, Jo had called James to find out what her day is like, faking that she was planning a romantic evening.  James had willingly told her Bev’s schedule.  Bev should have been busy for at least another two hours, enough time for Jo to come and go without a scene.

             “I've gotta do this,” says Jo stiffly.  “Better now than later,” she adds.

             “You know, Spencer said she’d come get your stuff….”

             “I said I’ll do it!” grumbles Jo as she moves out of the car, slamming the door of the old Mustang that had once been her own, and is now Natalie’s.  The windows rattle in anger, and Amy watches her waltz away, her head bent low, hiding her eyes from the sun.

             Amy sits in the car, grinding her teeth for a long moment, and then the heat in the car begins to get to her, so she gets out and leans on the front of the car.  She looks up at the sky that is beginning to grow pink.  Watching as Jo moves to the door, not bothering with the key that Amy knows is in her pocket, she simply ShadowWalked through the door. 

             Another sign that Jo is teetering on the brink of being beyond control; using her powers so blatantly.  She can no longer synch with Emma, Darci, and Shelby, only Amy.  Jo, however, never did use their powers much.  Jo’s control is also back, and she is stronger and faster than ever, even her eyes have stayed that haunting amber hue.  No longer able to snap it back to her normal blue grey, but she is forgoing wearing the colored contact lenses since being off the island.  Amy sighs, scooting up on the hood of the car and covering her eyes, waiting.


            “Have you talked to Sydney?” asks Mike.  He shoves his wallet into his pocket.

             Shelby sits at her desk, figuring out building costs for the new school.  She absently looks up.  “No, why?”

             “I talked to her yesterday and she sounded weird.  She’s not with Danny anymore and she didn’t sound to broken up about it,” muses Mike.

             “Oh its puppy love, you know that.  Her true love is music,” says Shelby.  She tucks a strand of dark blonde hair behind her ear.  Mike leans down and kisses her cheek.  His stubble scratches her.  “God, you need a shave!”

             “I thought you liked the rugged look?” he teases.  He taps the papers she is working on.  “Expensive.”

             “It cost three million to build New Dawn, this place is going to cost me twenty-three million, I swear.  Helen says we need a fundraiser and I think she’s right.  I can get some Fed funding but not much,” says Shelby.  She leans back and kisses Mike again.  “You off to work?”

             “Yeah, Julie called and she has a lead on that guy we were looking for.  We are going to go check it out,” smiles Mike.

             “Behave yourself,” snorts Shelby.  “Wear a jacket.”

             “I am wearing a jacket,” says Mike.

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