s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 57

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Friday's posting!  I want to remind everyone who is reading this that this is a rights reserved story - meaning, no, you can't borrow my characters - as much as you'd like too.  I've been asked a few times in the last few weeks about writing "deleted scenes" and Fan Fiction to this piece.  No, as flattering as that is!  No.  I'm not done with the story.  Again, I'm flattered but these characters are copy righted as mine. 

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            “I really think we should give this more thought,” says Spencer.  She leans against the car, hitching up her left foot and planting it on the car.  The school looks looming and foreboding and Spencer would rather go back to the brownstone and read.

            “No, I think it’s school and that is important,” says Quinn.  She mirrors Spencer’s easy pose.

            Spencer grimaces dramatically.  “If I don’t like it?”

            “You’ll love it,” says Quinn.  “Now, go – I’m not walking you in there.”

            A snort from Spencer.  “Fine!”

            Quinn laughs, watching her go.  How much longer will Spencer be here?  Not that Quinn minds, in fact, she rather relishes the time with her.  She’d lost Jo much too early.  How Jo had changed her life – a life of darkness had been exposed to light – the light of Jo’s pureness.  The Jo Wheaton of this reality had died when Natalie Summer’s had rightfully scuttled Jo back to her original reality.  But Jo, Jo had been a brilliance that could never be replaced.  She and Andrew kindergarten sweethearts, his blonde hair messy and a tumbleweed of curls.  Jo had never met the others of her circle that had not been their destiny. 

            Quinn slips her hands into her pockets and walks to her car.  Before Jo she’d been devoid of many things.  Not having chosen the path of Dathan and Eden, the hunters, they had been the seekers of truth.  Her other brothers and sisters, some immortal, some mortal, had never touched her – then Ram, her brother, her twin had fallen into madness and had almost carried Quinn down with him.  Instead, Quinn had met Judas, her father’s equally immortal brother.  Many secrets had been revealed to Quinn, and she’d not gone down the path of destruction that Ram had embraced.  Instead, Quinn had become a watcher – helping Judas on his quest to watch and to learn.  Having built a wonderful refuge for those not of her kind, but of Judas’ lineage, a hotel on the coast of Maine named The Legacy.  That had been Quinn’s life until a meeting of chance had brought to her a man who changed Quinn’s life. 

            Quinn had met Sean Wheaton, falling in love with the FBI agent and long descendant of Judas’ lineage.  Sean had been on the verge of death, but Jonathan, Sean’s brother had summoned Quinn and they had nursed Sean to health.

            Sean had known exactly who and what Quinn was – and he’d loved her nonetheless.  He knew she fed on pain, yet, she turned that energy into good.  It was impossible for an immortal, an eternal, as Dathan had so named them, to have children.  But, Quinn was not a pure eternal; the tread of soullessness ran through her.  She lived because she fed off the strife that was cast over the earth by mortals.  Many of her soulless brothers and sisters had spawned children, all mad and weak, so Quinn had never wanted nor needed children.  What fed her life was that of pain – but Quinn did not cause it, only live in it.  The pain of others.  Life is worth some pain – and Quinn knows there will always be strife, no need to not live if it was there.  She does good with her life and that offset the bad she takes into herself to feed her immortality. 

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