s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 157

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“God, it’s loud in here!” yells Tegan into Matt’s ear.She wraps her arms around him and squeezes, feeling very much at home with him. That’s how he always makes her feel, at home, at peace and comfortable with herself.She sometimes wonders when she’s become such a sap.

He nods.He turns his head and places a quick kiss on her exposed shoulder.

They are at a club in West Hollywood where Sydney and Spencer are playing a small gig with Harley, a practice run of sorts for the movie premiere in a few weeks.It’s, from what the bartender had said earlier, uncharacteristically packed.Word that the soon-to-be movie star Harley was playing and she’d had a loyal following as the lead singer of Ebony Dawn.

The last set is wrapping up when Liam and Abby waltz over and sit down at the table.“Why didn’t Rylee come?” asks Abby.

“She didn’t want too, and she has to be up early tomorrow she has an appointment with her doctor.So she said she’d pass,” says Tegan.Matt leans over and kisses her neck, Tegan reaches back and touches the back of his head, holding him close.

“They were actually pretty good,” says Liam.“Not really my type of music but it wasn’t half bad.A few of the songs would make it to my iPod.”

“What do you listen to?” asks Matt, his fingers had been drumming away all night.He doesn’t delude himself; he’s definitely not good enough to play in a band with Sydney and Spencer.While he is good for back up and practice, they are epic he is just a guy who can bang the skins.

“Kutless, 12 Stone, Skillet,” says Liam.

“I have never heard of those bands,” says Abby with a grimace.

“Christian bands,” says Spencer dropping into a vacant seat, two steps behind her is Sydney.

Liam blushes.

“I happen to like 12 Stone, and Flyleaf,” says Sydney, spinning a chair around and straddling it.“A few others, Thousand Foot Krutch is very cool.”

“Really?” asks Liam.A soft blush rises to his cheeks.

“Yeah, really,” says Sydney.“You guys staying for the after-party?”

“No, I have to go home,” says Matt with a sigh of disappointment.“You staying?”

Tegan shakes her head.“No, my dad is here.”

“He’s at the beach house,” says Spencer.“Top floor, for a few days while he house shops and before the contractors start putting a dent it in, he said he didn’t mind.”

“You are too damn much, all our fathers and grandfathers are living in your house!” laughs Abby.“My mom called and wants me home tonight too, not too late, she said she needed to talk to me.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” says Sydney, wiggling her fingers.“You’re in trouble…..”

“No, I’m not,” says Abby defensively.“I haven’t done anything to be in trouble.”

“And my dad’s boyfriend, Seth, told me to be in by midnight, so I guess you are on your own, Sydney,” says Liam.

Spencer looks over at Sydney and grins.“I guess it’s moi et toi.”

“Me and you, huh?Who says I can stay out?” asks Sydney with a serious look plastered on her face.

Spencer rubs the back of her neck.“Oh, yeah.”

“We’re gonna get going,” says Tegan.She gets up and hugs Spencer.“You were wonderful and you’re gonna be a superstar, sis.”

Spencer hugs her back and smiles.

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