s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 16

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I'm feeling....generous this weekend..... Very short, but VERY sweet


            “Are you okay?” asks Rylee.  She and Spencer are sitting on the beach, a small driftwood fire blazes before them.  The fire blazes blue and green as the salt from the ocean burns off. 

Supper had been a quiet affair.  Even Rylee had felt slightly uncomfortable, trying to start a conversation but none was to be had.  Spencer seems to be mulling things over.  She has a lot to process.   

            “Sure,” says Spencer in a quiet pensive tone.

            “Liar,” states Rylee.

            Spencer smiles slightly.  “I thought you saw visions and weren’t a lie detector?”

            “I know bullshit when I hear it,” snorts Rylee, wagging her finger at Spencer.  “What is bugging you?  I know you are quiet when you get to know people, but these are my parents….”

            “That’s the problem,” sighs Spencer, rubbing the back of her neck as she thinks about what to say.  “They are your ‘rents.  You’re mom unloaded a whole bunch of info on me and I’m not sure what to make of it.”

            Rylee grimaces, the frown makes her eyes narrow and her cheeks flush.  “You are being evasive.”  Rylee gives her an almost lustful look.

            Spencer’s shoulders sag.  “You look at me like that, in front of them…”


            Spencer laughs softly, her blue eyes looking at the dark sand.  How can Rylee be so oblivious to certain things around her?  Spencer had seen all the sideways looks last semester, the stares when Rylee thought she wasn’t looking.

            “I didn’t mean too…,” says Rylee, knowing that her unrelenting attraction to Spencer is showing through but she can’t help herself.  “I just – I didn’t – oh boy…”

            Spencer laughs again, this time the sound is deep and soulful.  “Lee, it’s okay.”  The laughter feels almost alien to her, but it also feels good.  “It’s okay, I promise you that it’s okay.”

            “It is?” asks Rylee, noticing that Spencer uses a nickname for her that no one else ever has.  Lee.  Everyone has always called her Ry, and the way that Spencer says that nickname always sends flames of emotions rippling through her.  “I told you that it wouldn’t get in the way of us being friends and I want to keep that promise to you.”

            “I’ve never been with – anyone before,” whispers Spencer attempting to explain how she is feeling.  Having decided before supper that she is ready to explore things about herself that she’s never felt comfortable doing before.  “My powers….”


            Spencer snorts.  “Stop that.  It’s hard to have a conversation when you do that.”

            “What?” asks Rylee.


            “Oh!” exclaims Rylee then she laughs.  “Sorry about that.”

            “My powers have always gotten in the way of me touching people, so I’ve never looked at anyone that way before.  We’re going to have to tell the others about this,” says Spencer softly.

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