s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 169 - s*t*a*r*s-9 Finale

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s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 169


“Was that about us?” asks Rylee.  The cacophony of the crowd milling around her and she doesn’t care, all she cares about is Spencer.  The whole evening she’s been watching her, thinking of how idiotic she’s been, pushing away the only person that she’ll ever really love.  She knows she’s been an idiot and she’s going to have to show Spencer how she feels – again.  But the thrill of a new relationship won’t carry them this time, as it had the first time.

“What happens if I say no?” asks Spencer.  Her voice light, and it carries easily to Rylee’s ear, its sweetness touches that place in Rylee again, somewhere past her heart and into her soul. 

“Other than you being honest about it?” asks Rylee.  “No difference, it’s beautiful.”

“It’s about someone else, not about me and someone else, just about other people, not us,” says Spencer.  “We should go, I’m beat and I have that lunch thing with Bev and company tomorrow.  I’ll walk you to your room?”

Rylee is taken back, she swallows hard and nods.  Spencer steps back, wobbling slightly on her leg.  She bends, tugs up the jean leg and adjusts her leg.  It’s not her electronic leg, but the regular mechanical one.  When she stands Rylee edges away from her, not sure what is going on.  Had Spencer been serious about it being over, totally over? 

“Ready?” asks Spencer.  Her smile friendly but there is no underlying love there. 

Rylee nods.  They exit the club by a back door, away from the throngs of people heading out.  Rylee desperately wants to slip her hand into Spencer’s but she resists.

“So did you hear that Liam and Abby?” asks Rylee.

Spencer nods, “Yeah, so much for the bible boy being so pure, huh?” She looks up at the sky, the stars shine here brightly, scattered pinprick of iridescence. 

“And Tegan and Matt.”

Spencer stops.  “No?  As if?  I’m feeling left out, Sydney ported to New York to be with her new boy toy.”

“Oh,” says Rylee in a small voice.  “It’s serious?”

“I think so,” says Spencer.  She kicks at a stray rock, her power lighting it up and sending it rising high in the air.  She reabsorbs the energy and it drops solidly to the ground again.  “I’m glad.  After this last year, this last two, she deserves to blow off some steam and enjoy herself.  No more HIV, no more dead mom, no more soul mate stuff.”

“Well,” says Rylee, slowing her pace.  “She’s still your soul mate, Spencer.”

“Oh, I know.  I mean I think she’s gotten it out of her system for now, you know?  She can move on so that someday she can look back and we can start again.”  Spencer shrugs.  Her now tussled hair whips in the light breeze. Rylee reaches up, running her fingers through it, still thick and strong but oddly lighter. 

“I like the blue,” whispers Rylee.  It gave her a wildness, thinks Rylee.  Something that Spencer’s never been – wild.

“Shaun did it,” says Spencer.  She looks down sheepishly at her feet.  They are just down the street from the old lumbering hotel that they are all staying in.  “I felt right up there tonight.  Not the kid that was a foster kid a while back, who didn’t know what love was.  I guess I’m coming into my own too, Lee.”

Rylee gasps, how long has it been that she’s not heard Spencer call her Lee?  “I’m sorry for what I put you through.  It was stupid and childish and I’m too insecure for my own good, I guess.”

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