s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 86

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Well, because I couldn't do my online classes tonight, the site was down - I wrote about 2K words on STARS 7, so here is a little bit of stars 6 :)


            “I’m not sick yet,” mumbles Jo into the phone.  She snatches a donut from a passing Agent and he rolls his eyes.  “So stop treating me like I’m going to die tomorrow, I’m not!  Quit being overbearing, I’m the older sister.”

            “You will get sick and Spencer needs to know the sooner the better, Jo,” says Jayden.  She is getting ready for her classes.  She is teaching Media and Culture in two days and she is beyond nervous.  “But just don’t tell her now; she’s pissed about what Nat did.”

            “What did Nat do?” asks Jo through a mouthful of food.  She heads to her office and catches sight of Emma sitting behind her desk, chatting on the phone in a very animated way. 

            “She put Rylee in a different dorm room.”

            Jo stops dead in her tracks.  “She did what?”

            “She didn’t tell you?” asks Jayden.  “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said a damn word.”

            “I’m going to kill her,” says Jo.  “I’m going to literally put a stake in her heart and then I’m going to bury her in my old grave.”

            Jayden smiles.  “You realize how weird that sounds, right?”

            “I do.”

            “Don’t freak out on her, okay?  Nat’s dealing with stuff,” says Jayden.  She looks around her room, knowing no one is there but she still looks around.

            “I know that, but she can’t treat them like that,” groans Jo.  “I’ll deal with it.”

            “Be gentle,” purrs Jayden with a laugh.

            “Aren’t I always?”

            “That’s not what Bev says!” snaps Jayden and hangs up before Jo can say another word.  Jo snorts and walks into their office.

            “Did you hear what Natalie did?” growls Emma.  She has just slammed down the phone.  She gets up, puts her jacket on in a flurry, yanks the drawer open and grabs her Glock.  “I’m going to shoot her.”

            Jo closes the door and puts up a hand.  “There has to be a reason, right?”

            “You’re defending her?” says Emma.  She jams her feet into her shoes.  Emma is in the habit of taking her shoes off.  “Really?  She’s being homophobic and I will not have my child treated that way.”

            Jo takes a step towards Emma.  “Em, the school has a policy – I know – I’ve read it: no fraternization between roommates.  They’ve had sex, Em.  You know they have and it’s Natalie’s school…”

            “Jo Wheaton!” yells Emma. 

            Jo winces. 

            “I don’t care she can’t treat them like that, Rylee isn’t bucking it but she said that Spencer is out of this world pissed.  Doesn’t that worry you?  She didn’t call you?”

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