s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 78

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            Darci walks into Bev Potter’s house and is greeted by a gaggle of women.  Soft music plays on a stereo somewhere outside.  “Jo, is this a lesbian only party?”

            “Yup, I’m a lesbian now, Dee,” says Mario from his place on the couch and everyone breaks out laughing. 

            “Shut up, you like women,” calls back Darci.  She is still dressed in scrubs.  She pulls the green top off reveals the grey shirt under.  Emma hands her a beer.

            “How are you?” asks Emma in a conversational tone. 

            “I’m fine, who are all these people?” asks Darci.  She looks around, spotting a few people she’s seen before.  She’s met Bev and Nina before and caught glimpse of a few others.

            “Jo’s new friends, come on, let me introduce everyone,” smiles Emma.  They make the rounds, finally, Darci sits down next to a young man named Mark, who is a camera man for a movie company that one of Jo’s new friends own. 

            The night progresses nicely, and Jayden is the first to beg off, with one of Alysse’s friends, Shaun.  Jo turns to find Natalie watching Jayden go through the back gate, Shaun lives next door, with a pang of regret. 

            “You want to pick my brain?” asks Natalie Summers as they sit down at the edge of the pool.  It is an unlikely ruse, but Natalie had allowed Alysse to sweet talk her into coming here.  Now Jayden has left with Shaun and her blood is at a boil.  Getting off Haven Island is something she needs right now.  So a day away from the dreary island is just what the doctor had ordered.  Yet, seeing Jayden’s flirty touches with Shaun and subsequently leaving with her makes Natalie want to hide on her island and never leave again.

“Yes,” admits Alysse, having thought that Nat was a very sexy woman, and honestly wants to know if she is gay, straight or at least bisexual, she usually get a ping on her gay-dar but nope, this woman is dead center not even on the map.  The plan is to tell Natalie she wants to pick her brain about the younger populous that she teaches, give some insight on how they view the world.

            “You don’t lie very well,” chuckles Nat and before Alysse can say anything.  “I teach teenagers for a living, I can see a lie from a mile away, don’t even try it with me, Peters.”

            “Calling me by my last name, interesting, do you do that with your students too?” asks Alysse wrapping her hands around her can of beer.  Studying the gorgeous young woman, she has very soft features, but her dark blue eyes gives her the feeling that she’s seen far too much in her short lifetime.  Her dark blonde hair is long, cascading over her back when loose, and looks extremely sexy in the loose ponytail she is wearing at the moment.  Her clothes give little away, a pair of old jeans, with holes at the knees and grass stains, but a new dark blue shirt that makes her eyes seem luminous.  She wears no jewelry, not even earrings.  It all gives very little for Alysse to work with.

            “Ummm…,” thinks Nat, licking her lips as she does.  “No, I don’t, I usually would have says, ‘Miss Peters, don’t tell me you forgot your homework on the rowboat you were trying to use to cross the ocean to see your boyfriend’,” grins Nat, she smiles, yet her face is completely serious as is her tone of voice.

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