s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 18

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Have I told you that the action is about to hop up a notch?  Yeah..... ready?


            Abby snaps her mouth down on a hard yawn.

            “You tired?” asks Darci as they were packing. 

            Abby rubs her eyes, yawning again.  This is odd, she had slept well all night and had even gotten up later than usual.

            “I guess so.”

            “You sleep okay?” asks Darci, touching Abby.  But, before she can let her power seek out what might be wrong with Abby, her daughter pulls away.

            “Mom!” snaps Abby, rubbing her wrist as if it was on fire.  “You have to ask before you do that, god, that’s like, my personal stuff you’re checking in on.”

            Darci blushes.  She’d grown accustom to just touching all the girls of J*A*D*E*S whenever she had wanted too and finding out what was, or wasn’t wrong.  Same went for her patients, but this is her daughter.

            “I am sorry, I didn’t think,” says Darci. 

            “I think I’m going to go lay down,” says Abby with another yawn.

            “Okay, I’ll wake you up in a while.  I want to head out as early as we can.”

            “Sure,” says Abby.  Her hazel eyes growing foggy, and then shifting from hazel to a pale orange.


            Tegan is in her room, throwing a ball against the wall.   She stops time for an instant, each time holding it longer and longer. She figures that if doing sit ups gave her stronger abs, then doing mental power sit ups will make her power stronger.

            After over an hour of doing this, Amy knocks on the door.  “Tegan?”

            “Yeah,” snaps Tegan.

            “Can you stop that?” asks Amy in a pleading tone.  “I’m trying to have a conversation with your father and he keeps – stalling.”

            Tegan tries not to giggle as her mother comes into the room.  A look of utter amusement on her mother’s face.  Amy’s green eyes find Tegan’s and she smiles. 

            “I’ll stop,” says Tegan softly.

            “Try it while he’s sleeping, this way he isn’t stuttering all day,” says Amy.  “You’re getting better,” says Amy in awe.

            Tegan looks away sheepishly.  She sits up on her bed, legs crossed in front of her.  “Spencer can direct her power, not great, but way better at it than I am.”

            “Hmmm,” says Amy sitting down on the broken desk chair.  She adjusts the chair with her power, holding herself up.  “She should be able to control it better, Jo had near perfect control of her telepathy and her synching power.”

            “Synching?” asks Tegan.

            “She could steal all our powers and just about anyone else’s powers too.  She never did try to play with Shelby’s power.  And never could get a handle on Emma’s but that is for other reasons, but mine?  Hmp!  She’d take ‘em without a thought, as if they were her own,” says Amy, lost in the memory.

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