s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 24

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What is going on?  Well..... .I'm almost done stars 4, and I have 40 some odd pages of stars 5 written -- So let's put stars 2 to bed, shall we?  Or at least get closer to it :)


            “Mother grabber!” yells Tegan.  “Where is she? And why did the freaking portal close?”

            “Because she powered it!” says Rylee.  “I saw it, she can’t come through if she powers it, Sydney open up another one.  We didn’t know that if she powered it her power would keep her on the other side!”

            “You know what, it’s not that easy!” says Sydney desperately.  The young blonde shakes hard.  “I can’t just call it up like that, it takes – it takes a lot out of me.”

            “Damn it, Spencer is stuck back there,” says Darci.  “This is really…”

            “…bad,” finishes Emma.  “If she doesn’t come back, we are looking at one of the biggest paradoxes you can imagine.  Jo is carrying her right now, as we speak, at that junction in time.  The two of them can’t exist on the same plane of time.”

            They all look at one another their gaze falling on Jayden. 

            “I don’t think this is how things went down before,” says Jayden in a very Jo like tone.  “But I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”


            “What the…?” says Spencer standing up and walking to where the portal had been.  Reaching out with a tentative hand, but finding that it is truly gone.  “Holy crap, I’m stuck here.”

            The reality strikes her as funny, making her smile brightly.  She is stuck in time and her mother is only a few feet away from her, it is utterly insane.

            “Finding something funny?” asks a voice from behind her.

            Spencer’s jaw drops, she slowly turned coming face to face with the younger version of her own mother.  “Oh shut the front door.”


            “We have to get her back here,” says Rylee softly.  Ringing her hands, she feels guilty about the situation, if she’d only told Spencer before she’d powered the rip in time. 

            “I’m trying!” yells Sydney.

            “Why didn’t I know about her not being able to power your teleportation?” asks Natalie.

            “We haven’t exactly been playing around with our powers,” says Abby.  “We’ve had them forever but never used them, we don’t have a Danger Room, you know?”

            “We’re going to have to change that,” says Tegan.  “Sydney, I know we need to back off and give you time, but we don’t have it.”

            “I know, I know,” says Sydney urgently.

            Jayden gets up from her easy pose on the wet grass.  “Sydney, you just have to concentrate on Spencer, and it will come, center your thoughts.  Let the world bleed away for just a moment and she will find you.”

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