s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 79

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            Tegan falls again, her feet seem to have forgotten how to move and she feels the tears falling from her eyes.  God, she’s going to fail her, she’s going to die, damn it.  She tries to get up from her knees but can’t seem to find her feet.  The world rocks back and forth and she can’t make it stop swaying.  She pants and then she hears it, the river, the raging cascade of the water. 

            She finally gets to her feet and starts to move again.



            “Are you sure?” asks Abby, watching Spencer give her a calm look.

            “We untie her,” says Sydney.  She has wrapped her wrist with a fresh bandage and now goes behind the tree to undo the complicated knots she’d used.

            “I went all bitey on everyone?” asks Spencer again.  “I bit Lee?  God, I have some sweet talking to do.  Doyle, how did you know giving me blood would calm me down and bring me to my senses?”

            “Your mom’s writings, she and Amy have done it, just thought it would work,” says Sydney.  She pulls on the rope and it starts to loosen.  Spencer wiggles under the looser coils now.  She takes a canteen from Abby and rinses her mouth of the remainder of the blood.  “I feel like a murderer.”

            “You’re not, but I’d rather you never go into that mode again, please?” asks Abby.  She wraps her arms around Spencer, throwing Spencer off balance.  “Thank you for jumping into a raging river for me though.”

            “Anytime,” smiles Spencer. 

            “They are still amber,” says Sydney.  She steps up to Spencer, her touch is light on Spencer’s cheek.  Her fingertips brush Spencer’s delicate lips and then she looks away.  “Mesmerizing.”

            Abby grimaces at the way that Sydney touches Spencer. 

            “I don’t know about that but I sure can see everything, I can’t access my powers though, which sucks.  Do we go venture out to find Tegan and Rylee?” asks Spencer.

            “No, let’s finish the lean-to and we can figure out how to get to our camp in the morning.  Might be a chilly night but we’ll all be here, and alive,” says Abby. 

            They begin to work on the rest of the lean-to, the work going quickly now, that is until an out of breath Tegan comes careening through the trees.


            “They should have called in by now,” says Natalie to Jo on the phone. 

            “You know, let them be, for gods sakes, Nat,” groans Jo.  “Listen, Emma and I are off to Florida to check in on a case.  Trust them.  Anyway, they are more damn powerful than the lot of us, all they have to do is strip those bracelets off and Syd will have them at your doorstep in the blind of an eye.”

            “You’re right,” sighs Nat.  “Sorry I bothered you.”

            “That’s okay, I love you for worrying about my girl.”

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