s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 111

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Birthday chapter!  Next one is Friday then BACK to one-a-weeks! 


            “Tell me again,” says Sydney.  She is pacing the confines of the dank cave.  Their sleeping bags rolled in the corner.  Blankets piled there too.  Empty cans of beans and soup are in another corner.  Every day, like clockwork, more things arrive.  She hates it.  She wants her powers back.  She sees the colors of the room change right before her own power brings them more supplies. 

             Abby grumbles.  “Listen to me.  I was talking to Matt and he – he touched my hand and this weird feeling came over me.  When I woke up I was on the ground looking up at myself!  What is going on?  This is crazy.  There are two of us.  I can repeat this over and over again and it will be the same story, Syd.”

             “And no powers,” says Tegan.  She’s been quiet most of the time.  Their food stashed in coolers that had been left for them.  Of course, more shows up every day, teleported in by the double that was out there purporting to be Sydney Doyle.

             “Matt is the key,” says Sydney.  “He touched all of us.”

             “He has a power,” whispers Tegan.  Sydney goes over and sits next to Tegan, wrapping her arms around her.  “He’s a god damn talent.”  Her voice is sour.  She leans her head on Sydney’s shoulder.

             “A goddamn power,” says Abby.  “He was your boyfriend.”

             Tegan picks up a small rock and throws it at Abby.  Abby swats it away.  They all sit in silence for a long time.  “I know he was my boyfriend, maybe that’s why he wouldn’t sleep with me.  None of us can tell when someone has a power, Abs. 

             “Obviously they can’t do whatever he did to us to Spencer and Rylee,” says Tegan softly.  “What do you think he did to us?”

             “I was talking to Matt about when I used to use drugs to get high.  I don’t’ know how he knew but I was getting upset and then – damn it there was two of me,” says Abby.

             Sydney grows red.  She rubs her cheeks at the heat there.

             Tegan says, “That’s weird we were talking about my sex life.”  She muses on this for a while, things they’d done in their past.  A lot like what Jayden had done to bring them together, could it be done to split them up too?

             “The one you wished you had had?” asks Abby in a teasing tone.

             Tegan nods.  “No.  My sex life before you guys.”

             “Regrets?” asks Abby.  “Is that what it is?  You regret the guys you’ve screwed with, I regret the drugs.”

             “No, darkness, those were our dark moments.  You don’t sleep around and you don’t do drugs anymore,” says Sydney.  “Danny was accusing me of – of having a crush on Spencer.”

             “Well that’s weird, since you…,” begins Tegan.  She looks at Sydney whose face reddens.  “Syd?”

             “It’s nothing,” says Sydney defensively, waving it away then brushing the tears from her cheeks.  “I’d never have done anything!” She gets up and moves away from Tegan.

             Tegan feels a heat in her chest.  Her sisterly instincts kick in and she starts to grow angry.  Why can’t everyone just leave Rylee and Spencer alone?  They love each other why does that have to be so damn complicated?  “Sydney Doyle.”

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