s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 14

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            “You do look like your mother,” says Mario as Spencer walks towards him.  The resemblance is stunning – similar eyes look at him, full lips and eyes that narrowed just like Jo’s. 

Spencer grimaces at the man.  The resemblance to Rylee is slight and Spencer is sure that Rylee resembles her mother more than Rylee resembles her father.  All Spencer has to go on is old pictures and a fleeting look at Emma when she had picked up Rylee at school a few days before.  Rylee’s dad is gorgeous, model gorgeous but Rylee is not just good looking she is stunning.  Spencer chides herself internally for thinking of Rylee in that way.   

“I’m Mario Scott, you can call me Mario, Mr. Scott is not warranted.”

            Spencer nods since her voice is caught in her throat.  They are all people who had known her mother, known her when Jo had been a better, different person, they had a vision of Jo as a hero.  Spencer knows her as a revenge crazed demon hunting avenger.  Vastly different.  Natalie Summers has tried, in vain, to talk to Spencer about what her mother had been trying to do all those years.  Dragging Spencer around the world, but Spencer hadn’t listened. 

            “Emma was busy getting a room ready and Rylee is taking her driver’s test, or she’d have been here.  Hope you don’t mind that I came to get you?” asks Mario.

            “S’fine,” says Spencer.

            Mario is struck by her voice, it has a singsong quality to it, deep but smooth, not unlike Jo’s but without the accent that Jo’d had all her life.  “You have another bag?”

            “No,” states Spencer, she rubs her lips with her free hand, feeling odd telling him that she has only enough clothes to fill one suitcase.

            Mario laughs.  “Oh, Rylee will change that, I’m sure.  You’ll leave with three suitcases worth.  She might have to ship some back to the island Fedex.”

            Spencer grimaces again.  Why has she agreed to this?  Why hasn’t she hid on the island until the new semester begins?  Spencer knows the reason, because for the past three days she’s been thinking endlessly about Rylee.  Rylee and her crush on her.  It is silly.  A crush, isn’t Spencer old enough to not have crushes?  Then again, she’d never had a normal enough life to have a crush.  Chiding herself for feeling this way about a friend.  Silly.  It is silly.  Spencer follows Mario to the car and they silently drive to where Rylee had grown up.

            Spencer watches the scenery move by her, having been in so many places in her life that the beauty really isn’t sinking in.  The clear blue water and the green of the trees are lost on her.  The scent of sand and salt washed over her and she knows nothing of it.  Instead, Spencer is caught in her own internal world.

            The leg that Natalie had procured for her wasn’t holding her weight well and that grates on Spencer.  Her brain keeps shifting from one thing to another – from her mother having such good friends – to her suddenly having four new best friends.  The world is just moving too fast for Spencer Andrews.


            “Tegan?” asks Amy as they sit down to have supper.  Amy knows that Spencer is arriving in Hawaii sometime soon, envying her slightly. She is going to get to spend time with Rylee, which gives Tegan pause, because she isn’t sure Spencer is ready for that time alone with Rylee.

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