s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 178 - Series Finale

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This is it!



Release me


JG Marie

There was no evidence found
The purging was deep and complete
Now another day is gone
My eternal night dawns
Forces pull me under
My soul put asunder
Fright shocks through me
Release me
Don't you know I was in love w/you
I wasn't ready to let you go
Now your grave has swallowed me
I'll join you this time
My hollowness is killing me
Reapers cloak caress my cheek
Judgment for my immoral sin
My debt must be paid
The pain dissipates
The red no longer flows
This is how you were saved
Your memory the scythe that kills me   

Tegan almost jumps into Spencer’s arms when they teleport to the wing that Cara Hunter has set them up in.  She holds her sister close, sobbing into her shoulder.  “Don’t ever do that again,” says Tegan.  She then shoves Spencer’s shoulders and punches her in the arm.

“Hell, that hurt,” says Spencer.  Her lips curl around her words differently. 

Tegan blinks.  “What is with the….”

“Accent?” asks Spencer.  She looks around the room sheepishly.  “I have, once again, been spontaneous and have – acquired this accent by absorbing Keziah’s essence into myself when he died.”

Rylee steps through the door and smiles at Spencer.  She reaches out and grabs her hand, pulling Spencer into her arms and kissing her.  Spencer growls sexily and wraps her arms around Rylee.  “Hello, love.”

“ohhhh,” says Rylee. “You didn’t tell me you sounded different.”

“Jo says I’m still me,” says Spencer softly against Rylee’s cheek.  “She read my mind for almost an hour; it was disconcerting as I was thinking very unclean thoughts at the time.  It does however present a new problem but we’ll speak of that later.  Right now, I have to face the inquisition of the mothers and Dathan.”  Spencer swallows hard, and Rylee places her forehead on her own, bumping her nose.  “Can I go with you?”

“Non, I’ll be okay.  If I need to be rescued I’ll send a telepathic message to Sydney.”

“Where, where is Syd?” asks Abby. 

“Burying Keziah,” says Spencer sadly.  “His body at the very least deserves a proper burial or to be dispatched.  His body was ash in the end.”

“We should go to her,” says Abby, stepping forward.

“Non, she needs to be alone to do this, Shelby and Mike are with her,” says Spencer.  Her accent flutters back and forth and then solidifies again.  “I’m not sure I can get used to this voice coming from my mouth.”

Rylee runs her hands through Spencer’s shorter hair.  “You’ll be fine, babe.  What do they want?  Our moms?”

Spencer licks her lips, “To make sure that I’m not evil.”

“Of course you’re not!” says Tegan.  “Rylee would know if you were bad!  I would know!  That’s bullshit!”

“Exclamation marks,” says Rylee with a sly smile.  She turns to Tegan.  “I think the moms are being careful.”

“I think they are being over protective,” whispers Abby.  “Are you okay, Spencer?”

Spencer grimaces.  “I think I am, but I do sound like a reject from Black Adder. I also think it’s a good idea to assess what is happening to me.  I don’t feel any different,” says Spencer, rubbing the back of her head.  “But I will say that I sound different.  My eyes are still mine, and we know that those are rather good reflection of who we are.  Our powers are reflected in them.”

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