s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 109

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We are STILL at #1!  Someone wants more chapters this week, huh? 


              “She had a family emergency,” says Natalie into the phone that is cradled between her shoulder and chin.

           “And you want me to come fill in?” asks Samantha Vance.  Sam was a friend of the family, as Jo often put it.  A doctor who had helped Jo on a number of occasions, she was also friends with Bev.  How the world and its six degrees of separation often astounded Natalie.

             “You are a doctor,” teases Natalie.

             Natalie hears Sam groan.  “I guess.  I’m not working at the moment.”

             “I know, Jo told me.”

             She hears Sam grumbling.  “You know what, Jo talks to much.  How is she?”

             “I don’t know.  I know I’m doing awful, being down a doctor an all that,” says Natalie.  “Come on, Sam.  I can’t let some doctor who knows nothing about Kindred’s and all that to just come here and doctor my kids.  I trust you…”


             “…and really you should be here.  You’re Kin – wait, did you say okay?”

             Sam laughs; it’s a deep sexy laugh.  “Yes, I’ll start tomorrow.  I figure I have to live there, right?”

             “Yeah,” says Natalie.  “Thank you, Sam, thank you so much.”

             “Sure, sure.  I’ll need a play by play about, well, everything when I get there.”

             “Jayden and I will fill you in,” says Natalie.  “Tomorrow.  See you then.”

             She hands up the phone. Doctor Hathaway’s sudden family emergency bothers Nat, but she feels better knowing that Sam will be here.  She runs her fingers over Sam’s folder.  Samantha Leigh Vance had been Spencer’s doctor in the alternate reality, she remembers Spencer talking about her. The grey-eyed blonde-haired doctor that had been nice to her.  Natalie thinks about those six degrees that connects everyone in the world.  In that other reality there was no Jayden, no Amy, no Darci, no Emma, and no Sydney – and as far as she knew, no Natalie Summers.  Yet, people who were in Spencer’s life there kept popping up in her life here as well. 

             “Tragedy averted?” asks Lexie from the doorway of Natalie’s office.

             “Yes.  Sam will be here tomorrow.”

             “Weird, how the Doc just up and left.  Did something spook her?”

             Natalie frowns.  “I hadn’t thought of that, but I don’t think so.  Things have been pretty quiet.”

             “That’s what worries me,” replies Lexie.


            Library, 1 a.m. and Spencer and Rylee are hiding in the holographic room that houses the collection of books and research that they sometimes use.  “You’re sure that she was going to kiss you?”  Rylee is beyond angry but Spencer is calming her down, telling her that they need to be centered, that they need to figure this out and not jump the gun.

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