s*t*a*r*s 3 - pt 38

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Someone else took advantage of the contest! 



            The dark haired figure sits at the bar and she feels the break of resolve from behind her.  Ah, there was one with a broken soul here tonight.  Where was she?  Her eyes seek out the new aura, the broken and flashing of someone who is about to do something they shouldn’t do. 

            It is her nature to temp them, to temp them into darkness and she feeds from this pain.  She’d been born a succubus and how she hated this eternal life that she was mired in.  But, it was her lot and if she ceased feeding, as she’d done before, she didn’t die, it is just pain.  Vash spots the girl, young, dark skin, dark hair, a walk of someone who isn’t confident, someone who is hiding.  Yes.  Was it drugs?  Was it sex?  Oh, sex was always the best it gave her energy for weeks.  Mental anguish was good too, but not as succulent as the sex.  Mmmm.  She sniffs the air.  She was different this girl with the drugs hidden.  This bore worthy of investigation.




            Rylee makes her way through the sea of bodies, getting random shoots of images.  She is almost drunk on them by the time she gets to Tegan.  “Tee, we have to talk!”

            Matt steps away from Tegan.  “I’m going to get a refreshment, would you care for one?”

            “You talk so – yes, I want one – a tall drink of you, please?  Rylee, later?”

            “No, now,” says Rylee.  “Matt meet us in a few minutes in the private room?”

            “It will be done, my lady,” he says, bowing.

            Tegan watches him with longing as he walks away, almost a head taller than anyone else.  “Rylee, I almost had him, god!  I’m dying here, it’s been months, Rylee!”

            “Come on,” says Rylee.  She snatches Tegan’s hand and pulls her towards a quiet corner.  “Did you know about Sydney’s odd blood tests?”

            Tegan nods.  “Overheard one of the ‘rents talking about it the other day, it will be fine, she’s young…”

            “Spence cured her.”

            Tegan’s face bears the look of surprise.  “The who now?”

            “That’s a new one,” says Rylee.  “Imagine the ramifications?”

            “Spencer could rid the world of disease,” says Tegan.  “And be a lab rat the rest of her life, oh boy.”

            “You got it,” says Rylee.  “We need to erase the fact that Syd was ever sick.”

            Tegan’s green eyes narrow and her brow knits together.  “Complicated.”

            “Spence went to talk to Jo.”

            “We better find Abby and Sydney.”


            “Cuz if they get into it, we are gonna need them to pick up the pieces.  It’s going to lead to fireworks.”

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