s*t*a*r*s 7 - pt 122

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A lil bitta action, a lil bitta info and a whole lotta WTF moments


             “Amy…  I’m not going to be home for a while,” says Jo into the phone as Sydney finds a private place to transport them to where Sam is.  “And – well, Emma called Mario and I found myself dialing your number.”

             “What’s going on?” asks Amy.  She’d heard the noise downstairs but hadn’t gone down to see what was going on.  She’s to intent on reading and figuring out how to save her daughter.

             “Turn on the TV, Sam’s in trouble; she’s on that train that got derailed…”

             Jo waits while Amy finds a TV or a computer to watch, she assumes.

             “It isn’t derailed, Jo, they said that part of the – oh my god, Sydney?” asks Amy.

              “I’m willing to bet, but Amy, keep an eye out.  Spencer is out there we don’t know what they will do now.”

              “We found something,” says Amy.  “Susan was in on it from the beginning gambit and – and Jo, we aren’t sure what to do now.”

               Jo grimaces and thinks.  “Why the train….”

              “To flush us out?” asks Amy.

              “No!  To track us.  Once Sydney gets back there you are all to scatter.  Leave someone with Dad, but get to your place.  Have Natalie cast protection bubbles, something, but separate!”

            “Why?” asks Amy.  She shuffles some papers and tries to read.  Tegan is at her elbow. 

           “They might attack; we need them to have more than one target.  Rylee is the last one out of their clutches, keep her safe!” says Jo.

          “Be careful, for god’s sake, please,” whispers Amy.

             “I will.  I just – I wanted to say that - I love you,” says Jo. 

             “Love you, too,” says Amy and she hangs up.

           “Ready?” asks Jo.

             “Jo, teleporting with me is weird, okay?” says Sydney.  A smirk on her pretty lips, the small scar on her lower lip seems to quiver.

             “It can’t be all that bad, can it?”


             Amy rushes downstairs with Rylee and Tegan hot on her heels.  “Jo just called.  The train wreck is Sydney, the other one’s, doing.  She wants us to separate, thinks we might be attacked and that was a thumb to the nose.”

             Natalie nods and looks at Jayden.  “The club, Mario’s, Amy’s loft, Darci’s and here.  Can we protect them?”

             Jayden nods.  “We will need a few things, but we can muster enough power to cast a hindrance spell.  How about making them invisible?  The whole house, not just them.”

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