s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 144

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s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 144


Natalie and Jayden walk, hand in hand, down to the resort on Venus Island.There is no cell reception anywhere on the island so they decided to walk the two miles to the resort to call and check in on everyone.

“We’re leaving in the morning, I don’t see why we have to check in, really,” snorts Jayden.

Natalie snorts back and then laughs.“Because I worry.Do you have any idea what sort of trouble they can get into in two hours?”

“I know what sort of trouble I can get into in two hours,” teases Jayden. She places a kiss along Natalie's jaw line.“I guess I can call the old man too.”

“Sean is not that old.”

“Oh, yes he is!”

Giggling, they walk into the resort.Everyone knows who Natalie is and they each wave or nod in greeting.They find a public phone and Jayden calls her father first, since someone comes over to talk to Natalie.

“Old man, what are you doing?” asks Jayden.

“I was drinking a steaming cup of coffee,” says Sean.“The fish are jumping in the pond this morning so I was going to go do some fly fishing.”

“Is that what’s for supper?If it is, I might come home early.”

They continue their easy banter, exchanging pleasantries and finally Jayden hangs up.“The old man is alive and off fly fishing for the day.”

“Is he cooking later?” teases Natalie.

They both laugh.Natalie dials Dathan, but gets no answer.She then calls Darci, Abby and Rylee and still no answer.Her face holds the look of worry.She dials Spencer’s number.

“Wheaton,” says Spencer.

“Hi, it’s – it’s Nat.”


“I was calling to check in, Jayden and I are – um – away and a few of the other’s didn’t pick up, so you were the next to call and I dialed before I even….”

“Quit blubbering,” snaps Spencer.“You might want to come back from your pre-honeymoon.”

“What happened?”

Jayden’s head snaps up and her look is fixed on Natalie.

“Quinn is here.”

“We’ll be there soon.Where?”

Spencer sighs.“Beach house.”

Natalie hangs up.“We are never leaving again.”She grabs Jayden’s hand and begins to tug her towards the door.

“What is going on?Can’t we take five minutes to ourselves?”

“Nope, apparently not, Quinn is here.”

Jayden pulls Natalie to a full stop and spins her around to face her.“Quinn?Alternate reality Quinn?”

“The one and only.”

“Never taking a vacation again.”


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