s*t*a*r*s 5 - pt 74

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            “My head is killing me,” groans Natalie.  She rubs her temples as Amy and Jo are making breakfast.  They tap dance around one another without a wasted movement or getting in one another’s ways.  Jo hands Amy a fork, and Amy takes it without looking. 

            “What?  Did you say something?” asks Jayden loudly.  She sits next to Natalie and then slaps her hands down hard on the counter. 

            Natalie groans, gripping her head.  “Please, oh please.”

            “You going to go deliver the couple’s food or we just going to let them fend for themselves?” asks Jo to Amy.

            “They can eat each other, I’m not a bell hop.”

            Jo snorts and flips the pancakes.  She serves Jayden, and then herself. Amy finishes the eggs and set a plate in front of Natalie.  “No, I’m good.”

            “You’ve got to eat,” says Jo.  “Don’t you ever have a glass of wine?” 

            “It’s rare,” says Natalie. She massages her temples, then  reaches out and picks at the food with her fingers.  Not bothering with the fork.  Tearing a sliver of pancake and dipping it into syrup.  She chews delicately.  She becomes aware that they are all watching her.  “What?”

            “You don’t teach table manners here, do you?” teases Jayden. 

            Natalie’s stormy blue eyes widen and she can’t find the words.  So, instead, she shrugs.  Her conversation with Jo is still hot in her mind.  She casts a cautious glance at Jayden who is now eating.  She feels Jo looking at her and sends at her, Don’t look at me like that, Jo Wheaton.

            Jo picks up a piece of bacon and chews.  She hasn’t told the girls that her telepathy works, not wanting that burden just yet.  Make up your mind if you want her.

            Like you have with Amy? snaps Natalie in her mind.  Oh how the tone in someone’s mind is so much deeper and sardonic than an actual voice. 

            Amy is a big girl.  Jayden isn’t.

            You underestimate her! 

            Jo’s eyebrows rise at that comment and she taps Jayden’s hand.  “What are you up to today?”

            “I am going to go shopping,” says Jayden off handedly.  “I need clothes, I need shoes, I need stuff.  I need an iPod and I need a new laptop.”

            Amy chuckles.  “That sounds like a nice civilized day, doesn’t it?”  Amy can’t remember when she last had a day like that.  Nice, quiet, civilized and easy. 

            Jo rolls her eyes.  “I have to head out soon, do you want to drive out with me?”

            “No, I have a car,” says Jayden indigently.

            “You do?” chorus Jo and Natalie.  This sends Amy into a small giggling fit.

            “Yeah, I bought it two weeks ago.  Don’t you two pay attention to anything?  It’s a Prius.  I really wanted a stick but they only come in automatic,” muses Jayden.  “Anyway, I’m all set, thanks.  I’m a big girl, Jo.  And you do underestimate me.”

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