s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 146

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            The weekend comes quickly, Spencer is set to host Angelica’s birthday party on Saturday and then on Sunday Angelica’s family and friends were gathering at Existence for a party for Angelica and Alysse and all of the girls were going, an all out party for the six year old birthday girl and her god mother, or as Alysse called herself ‘earth mother’.  The adults are now all gathered at the beach house, while Spencer plays hostess. 

          “Auntie Alysse!” yelps Angelica.  Alysse bends down to kiss Angelica, and she gives Alysse her left cheek.  “Right ‘ere,” giggles Angelica.  “I want candy….”

            “I want candy…,” sing Spencer in a husky tone.  “She’s been asking for candy since we left to go shopping, but I didn’t get her any.”

            “Thank you, Spence,” smiles Nina.  Spencer seems very much at ease taking care of Angelica, almost as if it were second nature.  “Thank you for letting us have her party here, I know it’s an imposition,” eludes Nina.  The hot gossip of the day was that Shaun and Lana were now seeing each other.  Also, Bev has been hanging around with Alexandria Pezzini, which was a turn of events that Nina hadn’t been expecting.

            Nina isn’t sure that Shaun and Lana understand what they are getting into.  Shaun had done something completely crazy and had used some of Sam’s eggs to get pregnant right after the young doctor’s death.  Theirs is a fresh relationship, babies on the way, and with a child already in the mix, Nina doesn’t want to doubt their newfound love, but finds herself thinking about Bev and herself.  They’d been together for years and they hadn’t been able to hold it together. Can Lana and Shaun be that much stronger in their love than Bev and she had been?

            “Nope, not an imposition,” says Spencer softly, pulling Nina out of her thoughts.

            “You like Bev, don’t you?” asks Nina.

             Spencer shrugs, not wanting to answer.  Alysse and Angelica have darted off to play Spencer’s Wii.  Alysse isn’t sure she wants to hear this conversation.

             “You know what I mean; you liked your mom when she is with her.”

             “Bev brought out something good in my Mom, which I’d never seen before, so yeah.  But…,” swallows Spencer, her stormy blue and amber eyes staring outside for a minute.  “…they weren’t fated to be together, and that’s okay, but, it don’t mean that Angie can’t have her b-day party here, does it?”

             “No, it means that Angelica has a friend for life in you, and that is something I’m very happy to see,” says Nina.  “You’re an extraordinary woman, you might only be a teenager, but you’re most definitely not a kid, and I’m proud to have you in Angelica’s life.”

             “I like her too,” smiles Spencer shyly.  “Did you listen to the soundtrack yet?” asks Spencer, wanting to change the subject.  The tentative soundtrack had been laid and now it was going through the rounds of the executive producers and such. 

             “I did, I am… blown away,” admits Nina.  “Is Aura about Rylee?  I loved it, a simple song, but very good.”

             Spencer’s jaw works on the words before she voices them, “No it’s not about Rylee.”

            “It’s a haunting song, both haunting and uplifting at the same time,” states Nina.  “Is Jo letting you come to Vermont?”

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