s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 132

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So I've decided that I'll be posting on Thursdays instead of Friday, as my Fridays are uber busy - so here is the weekly posting!


            “Go get Jo,” says Jayden to Sydney.  Then as an afterthought.  “And Amy, wherever she is, you can find her.”

            Sydney nods and heads off to find a quiet space to teleport.  Abby turns to Dathan.  “Go up there, Nat will listen to you.  What if they are killing each other?”

            Dathan seems caught in a quandary of emotions.  “I cannot.  This is Natalie’s school and this is her call.  She can handle herself.  Eric may have more sway than I.”

            Abby groans and turns to see Tegan.  “Tegan!  Where is your mom?”

            Tegan gives her an odd look.  “She’s talking to some guy.  Like talking and not flirting with it’s a real change to watch.”

            “Go get her.  Spencer broke Natalie’s nose,” says Emma.

            Tegan doesn’t move.  “You’re joking, right?  And I missed it?  Just like I missed the beheading thing, geez!  I never see the fun stuff.” 

            “Go!” everyone yells at her.  Tegan stomps away to drag her mother away from the potential investor. 

            “Mom,” says Tegan as she gets to her mother’s side. 

            “Tegan, give me a moment,” says Amy in her best leave me alone voice.

            “Mom, my sister, Spencer, has apparently – um – she’s, well, she’s done something and you need to come deal with it, as Jo isn’t here,” says Tegan.

            Amy frowns.  She excuses herself and is led off towards the main staircase.  “What is going on?” she asks.

            “She punched Nat,” says Tegan incredulously.

            “She did what?!”

            Emma comes over to them and goes with Amy to Natalie’s office.  Just as they crest the top of the staircase, Sydney appears with Jo. 

            Emma and Amy stop in midstride.  Jo is wearing a tight fitting shirt that shows off more skin than either of them are used to seeing Jo show off.  Her hair is combed and slicked back, she’s wearing dark colored contacts, and a pair of glasses. 

            “Who are you and what have you done to Jo?” asks Amy.

            “Undercover, remember?” asks Jo.  “What is going on?”

            “Didn’t Sydney tell you?” asks Emma but Sydney is gone.  “How did she do that?  Anyway, Spencer punched Natalie.”

            “I’m going to kill her,” says Jo.  She knocks on the door and Spencer opens it.  She sheepishly walks away from the door and sits back down on the bench. She holds her head and stares at the hardwood floor of the office.

            Natalie’s nose, no longer gushing blood, and partially healed by Spencer, is swollen.  “Well, I see the Sydney choo-choo train is at work.  Emma, if you’ll excuse us.”

            Emma, who isn’t used to dealing with Headmistress Natalie Summers opens her mouth to speak but Natalie waves her away.  Emma closes the door and decides to wait outside.

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