s*t*a*r*s - pt 12 - Part 1 Finale

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Hi everyone!  Be sure to go and read part 11 - Wattpad somehow messed up when I was posting and my chapters got all mixed up.  Sort of fixed now, I think.  If you think you've read 11, go check again! And sound out, how are we liking/not liking things?  Mmmm?

Jan MG


            Rylee feels that odd sensation, recognizes it and says, “Walls, going to start moving again…”

            “How do you?” asks Tegan, turning and looking around the small hallways.  Nothing is moving. 

            “We are so going to die down here, aren’t we?” asks Abby shivering so hard that her teeth are chattering.

            “Rylee?” asks Spencer releasing Sydney and hopping over to Rylee, who has stopped walking.  “You see, don’t you?”

            “Yeah, I see…”

            “See?” asks Sydney.

            “The future,” says Spencer softly.  “What did you…?”  The touch of her friend sends electrical spikes through Spencer. 

            Before Rylee can speak, the bricks of the walls begin to turn and flip, pushing away from them, making the room wider.

            The girls instinctively huddle together.  Spencer is hopping, slams into Tegan, who grabs at her to steady her.

            “What the…???” yells Abby.  “It’s not bad enough that I’m detoxing right here, but we have walls that move!  Hello!”

            “Exclamation marks strikes,” says Sydney with a snicker.  Tossing a look around and seeing that their exit is now blocked.  “This is so not good, what is this place?”

            “Magic,” whispers Spencer.  “I can see it.  Strong too, stronger than I’ve ever seen before, I can’t even tell where it is coming from.”

            “See it?” asks Tegan her hands in front of her as if she are about to go into a boxing match.

            “Feel it,” corrects Spencer her eyes focusing on the trail of energy.  “It’s this… energy.”

            “That’s what you do, energy right?  Well, can you blast us out of here?” asks Abby.

            “It’s not that easy, I’m not great at controlling it.  I might blast the wall out but then the whole place will fall down around our ears, is that what you want?” says Spencer.

            “No…,” whines Rylee the red fog washing over her again.  Her face a mask of pain and she falls to her knees.  The vision rages at her, harder and stronger than ever before.

            Tegan dashes to her side just as the walls begin to move again, but this time things are moving from them.  Shapes begin to form, melding, molding and walking.

            “Six of them, they are…,” begins Rylee.

            “Sentries,” says Spencer thickly.  She extends her left hand; fingers spread wide and hot blue bolts of energy shot forth from them.  It slams the first thing that has emerged from the brick and mortar of the castle walls.

            “Wow,” whispers Abby in awe.  “Talk about a blast.”

            The rock-thing disintegrates, falling away to dust and Spencer lets out a quick snort.  “That is easy.”

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