s*t*a*r*s 4 - pt 68 - s4-finale

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7 more reads, well...................  I'm posting anyway :) -- its not dramatic, its a simple ending


            Bev snaps off the radio, Jo is sleeping soundly on the couch, Alysse’s show is done, and Bev feels some relief that Alysse hadn’t spilled Jo’s very dangerous secret.  Moving from her spot, Bev lifts the FBI agent’s legs gingerly, resting them back on the couch and covering her with a blanket from the back of the couch, staring at her for a minute a smile shimmering on her lips.  Jo is as beautiful now as she’d been in all her vampire glory.  Yet, something in the FBI agent has changed, there is a guarded place inside her now.  Bev isn’t sure what it is, but hopefully, Jo would be as open with her as she’d been before the debacle at of the plane crash.

            Bev hears the doorbell, and moves to the door quickly, yanking it open to reveal Dr. Darci Haim, “Hello Bev.”

            “Hi, you’re early,” smiles Bev.  “She’s sleeping in the living room, should we wake her?”

            “Naw,” says Darci with a grin, hoisting her backpack from the stoop.  “Let her sleep, I can come back later.  Just have her page me.”

            “Come on in if you can wait that is?” asks Bev, Jo has told Bev how she and Darci have the more strained relationship of because of Jo’s condition, as Darci calls it.  Jo has always suspected it is because Darci’s own natural abilities can’t help her, and she feels helpless about what had befallen Jo.

            Darci seems to think about it for a moment, then nods, “Sure.”  Darci figures she has nothing to lose.  She has no one to go home too, and Abby on the Island.

            Leading Darci to the back of the house, the sun is still bright and Bev makes them some tea, neither woman speaking at first.  Finally, “So you can… Ummm…,” begins Bev her hands moving in front of her, trying to find the words, but finding it odd to be talking about things that you saw in Sci-Fi movies.

            “Heal,” says Darci easily, her hands cupped around her cup.  “With most people, I can stop blood coming from a wound, diagnose what is wrong, maybe help heal a little bit.  With my close knit group of friends, well, I can do just about anything, except bring them back to life,” chuckles the doctor.  “We leave that to Nat Summers, or to Spencer,” grins Darci.

            “That’s… remarkable…,” stammers Bev she sits down across from her.  “This is one of your… I’m at a loss, natural talents?”

            Darci chuckles, “Yes.  We all have something natural to call on, Jo’s always had something more, since she can steal various talents from others,” smiles Darci taking a sip of her tea.  Darci is ill at ease about discussing this with anyone besides their close knit circle of friends,  yet Jo trusts this woman, when she hasn’t even trusted the women of J*A*D*E*S, so Darci thinks that Jo might know what she is doing, for once.

            “And now?” asks Bev curious to know just how her girlfriend is going to act now that she is again going to change from human to some hybrid.

            “I don’t know, I’ll know when I assess her,” says Darci seriously, taking in a sharp breath.  “Jo’s always taken chances, this is a big one, using the blade on herself.  None of us were around when she did the first time, she told us she did it to assure that Spencer wasn’t infected with the DNA strands that govern her own.  Jo was, and is, the one that would jump off a bridge, or out a window, surf the hood of a car that is going 100 miles per hour.  I don’t…”

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