s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 17

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It's FRIDAY!  And in honor of Mac's BDay weekend, I'm posting Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- Enjoy! 


            Three hours later, Spencer and Emma are leaving the rehabilitations center.  Spencer is still on crutches, but Emma has a temporary leg in a bag that is slung over her shoulder.

            In two weeks, Spencer will have a state of the art C-leg, that had a computer chip that will, essentially, work almost as well as her own leg had.  Making thousands of calculations a minute, luckily for Spencer, she still has her knee.  The cost of the leg is over seventy thousand dollars, and Spencer had started to argue with Emma until Emma reminded her that it is already Spencer’s money.

            They begin the almost two-hour drive back to Emma’s home, with a silent Spencer in the passenger’s seat. 

            “Do you drive?” asks Emma.

            Spencer looks up from where she’d been staring, at her hands.  Wishing that Jo was the one driving and not Emma, it is the first time in a long time that Spencer had missed her mother. 

            “I know how, but I never got my license.  Jo taught me when I was 7 or so, just in case.  I couldn’t really see over the steering wheel though.”

            “We’ll have to see if we can set you up to get your license then,” states Emma.  Glancing over at Spencer, who is now staring out the window of the car. 

            “I know I look like her,” says Spencer gruffly.  “People said we looked alike all the time.  I just have long hair and its blonder.”

            “Slightly,” says Emma.  “Jo’s hair was lighter when she was younger.”

            Spencer cocks an eyebrow.

            Emma laughs.  “All right, more than a little.  But, whoever your father is, his DNA has had an influence too.  Jo was cute, handsome in a way, but you are gorgeous.”

            Emma wants to say that she understands Rylee’s attraction, but she doesn’t.  Emma doesn’t know if Rylee has talked to Spencer about her feelings.  They drive a while longer and Emma can’t stand the silence.

            “Show me what you can do,” says Emma, pulling off the highway and to a scenic road.  It has been bugging her, Emma wants to know what exactly it is Spencer could do.  The girl fries iPods, and can’t go near a computer for long periods of time.  If she could bomb a hole the size of a house on her beach, what will happen if Spencer can control her power.

            “What?” asks Spencer almost terrified.

            Emma gets out of the car, slamming the door shut.  “Show me.”

            “Natalie says I shouldn’t…”

            “Fuck Natalie Summers,” says Emma angrily.  “You can’t control your powers, can you?” asks Emma.  “Don’t worry, we all had to practice, and we all got a handle on them and we live normal lives.  You can’t live a normal life until you start to control your powers.”

            Spencer shakes her head, her blonde hair in a loose messy ponytail and now the strands work free, falling in her blue eyes.

            “Amy had the same problem when we all acquired our powers,” says Emma.  “Want to know how she learned?”

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