s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 175

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JG Marie

Distance grows – the miles are taking over me
I'll take another memory and lock away this love I feel
Steal away the moments of your ecstasies
Watching & waiting hearts forever – souls intertwined.
Haunting all that's meant to be

All my life I've been waiting for you
Life encases me in this world of ours
So totally lost without you

I think I’m chasing a love that never was
May never be – but is still there
As real as the sun
As far away as the moon
Visions above the both of us

Images surround my waking dreams and scar the page
But memories will falter with the passing of the waves of time
We live in this wonder called Love
As mother time keeps pushing on around us
Caught in the strong currents of our destiny
Searching for visions of everlasting harmony

All my life I've been waiting for you
Life encases me in this world of ours
So totally lost without you

Tears of confusion are drowning me
Such is life on this ocean
In motion forever
Ever encasing these audible dreams
Sound, light, and vision as one
Arranging this ecstasy
We call love

Spencer runs down the beach, almost breathless, feet pounding into the shifting sand, her eyes glowing in the dark evening.  She’d left Rylee at the resort, not having told her who she’d seen.  It is happening, exactly as Emma had predicted, were these women ever wrong?  Then Spencer turns the corner and slams right into Amy, sending them both to the sandy earth.  Spencer tries to fight the power that surges inside of her, battening it down, her whole body a hot live wire of energy.   

“Whoa, Spencer, slow down,” says Amy, wincing at the pain that erupts in her now bruised shoulder.   The green-eyed blonde moves closer to Spencer, then she remembers that Spencer doesn’t like to be touched sometimes, so she eases away.

Spencer collapses, trying to catch her breath, falling to her knees, hands on the sandy earth, “C-c-can’t breathe.”

“Spencer, what is wrong?” asks Amy, taking her hand and putting it to Spencer’s neck, but not finding a pulse, then seeing the hot blaze of blue that shone from Spencer’s eyes.  “JO!” calls out Amy in panic.  Amy hears Jo moving in the house, a soft curse in French as she must have stubbed a toe or dropped something as she moves from her perch on the couch.

“N-no,” swallows Spencer.  Her blazing eyes looks up at Amy, “She’s here.”

At the word, she, Amy instantly thinks of Susan, Jo’s mother, but then she remembers Susan is dead.  “Who, Spencer; who is here?”

“Bev Potter,” says Spencer.  “Bev Potter is on Venus Island and it’s all happening, just like Emma says it would, she’s here.  They are getting married!”


Jo stands at the door, hands in the pockets of her jeans, staring intently at Natalie, Amy, and Spencer.  “I’m not going to do anything to ruin their wedding.”

“Mom, Emma saw you, talking to Bev…,” begins Spencer, her face a cascade of emotions.

Jo sighs, a long drawn out sigh, rolling her eyes, which are their normal blue, “Spencer.”

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